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Auburn Football 2016: Practice #2 Updates & Post-Practice Press Conferences

The Tigers were on the field again this afternoon. Let's check in on what the beat writers saw in their media viewing window and what Gus and the players had to say in the post-practice press conference.

A harbinger of things to come? Sean White hands off to Malik Miller
A harbinger of things to come? Sean White hands off to Malik Miller
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics

Is there anything of note from Day 2 of Auburn's 2016 Fall Camp? Let's check in on the tweets from the beat writers about the viewing period and then we'll get to Gus Malzahn's press conference at the bottom.

For a few recaps, here's 247Sports and the Ledger-Enquirer.

Can we talk about how Nate Craig-Myers looks like he could be in an NFL training camp? He's huge. The Tigers will have some real weapons in these freshmen wide receivers.


So, Stephen Davis Jr is starting out at running back? Well, he's got the size, talent, and pedigree for it. It's interesting that Gus says he'll probably end up at Safety. I knew he was going back to D, but with that size I almost figured him more for a linebacker if he bulks up. Either way, he's not a bad option to carry the ball.

All of the late arrivals have been cleared? WOOOOO!!! Nick Coe thrills me, y'all. I didn't want to lose him to a JUCO and then have to recruit him again. He's an absolute beast as a 6'6 255 lbs state champion wrestler. Add some weight and he could destroy OLs on the interior or beat tackles around the edge.

The players all have good things to say, too. I hope Kerryon Johnson gets to the podium a whole lot more. He's also a great Twitter follow, too. I don't follow many players, but he's definitely one of them.

Let's just get to the Tweets, though, shall we?