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Auburn Football 2016: Post Practice #3 Press Conference

There was no viewing window for the media, but defensive coordinator Kevin Steele did hold a press conference after practice. Here is a recap of the Tweets from the Beat Writers who were there!

Marlon Davidson, Carl Lawson, Dontavius Russell, and Jeff Holland.
Marlon Davidson, Carl Lawson, Dontavius Russell, and Jeff Holland.
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics

For the first time this fall, Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele faced the media. He was much more affable and easy-going during these in the Spring. He was a bit more reserved tonight, it seems, judging by the tweets, but I'm sure having to answer repeated questions about players and giving the same answers had something to do with it.

I'm not shocked he wasn't commenting on Marshall Taylor's status, though. That's the type of thing that Gus has always handled and other coaches have deferred to him.

For the rest, there's not a ton of info in here even with all of the tweets. It's still football news, though! And check out the picture at the top and see how big Marlon Davidson is compared to Carl Lawson.

Let's get to the Tweets!

Not sure what to say about that last one. Holsey has always been a DB.

I assume he meant "same class."

Bonus! Here's Josh Holsey talking to the media.