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Auburn Football 2016: Pre-season Practice #4 Update

It's Saturday, but the Tigers don't get the day off!

Kamryn Pettway toting the rock; something he'll be asked to do a lot this season.
Kamryn Pettway toting the rock; something he'll be asked to do a lot this season.
Dakota Sumpter / Auburn Athletics

For the fourth straight day, the Tigers hit the practice field to prepare for the 2016 season. This is the 3rd of the 4 days so far that has had a media window, so there's plenty of video, pictures, and observations out there for the beat writers to post. So, as usual, we've gathered a good bit of it for you right here.

Of note, there's still no Marshall Taylor. Stephen Davis Jr was absent, as well, for the media portion. It looks like things are starting to pick up, since 247Sports noted that officials were there for this practice.

The starting lineups in that link sure are intriguing. Particularly the 1st team DL of Holland, Lawson, Adams, and Davidson. That's an intriguing line-up. Almost like it's set up for a 3-4 with Holland as the rushing Buck/LB.

For the offense, I'm not shocked to see Pettway working as the #1 running back. I really think that's where he'll begin. We'll see what Kerryon Johnson can do, but his style of running just hasn't been what an "every down" back needs. Pettway, meanwhile, runs big and angry, and that is a lot of fun to watch. I do think we'll see the type of formation WarRoom Eagle mentioned in the comments a few days back of seeing both of them in the backfield at the same time and both will be asked to run the ball.

Here's's recap, as well. As others are posted, I'll attempt to snag them and link them for you if there's anything different and of note.

So, let's get to the Tweets and the Video! Rhett Lashlee will meet with the media a little later. I'll have a recap of that a bit later tonight, but the wife and I are going out, so it may not be immediate.



So, Rodney Garner has always been called the master of "de-recruitment." This video is a great example. As one of the beat writers put it, Derrick Brown said goodbye to Rodney Garner and hello to "Coach G."