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Auburn Football 2016: Practice #5 Updates and Post-Practice Press Conference

The Tigers were once again on the field this Sunday afternoon, the first day in pads. See what the beat writers noted during the media viewing window and check out the tweets from Gus Malzahn's press conference!

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

I've tried splitting these into two to get more info out as quickly as possible the last few days, but I just was't able to do it, today. So, you're getting the practice updates and the press conference stuff in one. Also of note is the fact that this is the last practice with a media viewing window. So, all we'll really have from here until the season starts are press conference updates.

Of note, Stephen Davis Jr was just late the other day, appears to have been late today, and may be working with the injured players. They do also say that Mike Horton was getting a lot of work at Right Guard. That could be for a number of reasons, but I'm sure they'd like to have some experienced depth there in case of either injury or just prepping for the fact that Smith will be gone to the NFL after this season. has the interesting tidbit in their recap of JF3 working as the holder. Potential for a lot of fakes or Gus wanting to keep teams on their toes? Maybe we'll see the return of the swinging gate and 2-point tries?

247Sports noted the starting lineups on offense, again. That's where they noted Horton working with the first team. Kam Martin working with the first team should also be of note, since we'll probably see him early and often as the speed back.

Also on the running backs, going down to the bottom video of Kerryon Johnson fielding kicks... he has visibly bulked up. I hadn't really taken note in the other pictures/video, but you can tell he's bigger this year. That is good news for how much more he's going to have to tote the rock.


Not many tweets, but a fair bit of information! So, to run it down, Stephen Davis Jr is out for the year (rehabbing an injury from high school), Marshall Taylor is expected back with the team next week (though he'll have to go through the NCAA mandated warm-up before he can put on pads), and Tre Williams tweaked an ankle but is expected back out there, soon.

Out of all of that, the Tre Williams bit is the only really important thing, to me, right now. Davis Jr wasn't someone I expected to contribute much this season, even if he did play running back. Marshall Taylor is just added depth and experience. Williams, though... Williams is the returning linebacker from last season's team who has the most time and experience in an actual game. Sure, T.J. Neal is the most experienced overall, but Williams was the other presumed starter. We really need him healthy.

The scrimmage information should be nice. Unfortunately, I don't know how much information we're going to get out of it other than what we can glean from players in their press conferences and from "insider" reports on various websites. Any insiders who manage to be there, feel free to send any scoops my way!

As for the quarterbacks, I'm still leaning towards Sean White getting the nod as the starter. That could always change without a doubt, but right now that's my thought.

And now to the Tweets!