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Link sAUsage: 8 August 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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WarRoom Eagle

WarRoom Eagle finished up his Delaware Wing-T series this weekend. It's been a review of the book by Tubby Raymond that Gus Malzahn used when he began coaching. It also, unfortunately, marks possibly the last article WarRoom Eagle will do, here. He's moving on up in the world and taking his talents to Auburn247. He'll still be doing the Xs and Os breakdowns, there. We wish him all the best with that; he's been a fantastic contributor here over the last few years. He may still contribute an article or two at times, and be around in the comments, but he's moving on up in the Internet sports world.

Oh, and he also gave us another fantastic Zone Read Between the Lines story, too.

Charles Barkley

I'm not normally going to post anything about Alabama, but Charles Barkley interviewed Nick Saban for, so you know Charles gets some zingers in.


Did you stay away from football stories over the weekend? If you did, then you missed a ton of information. The Tigers were on the field every day over the weekend. To simplify things, here are all of the stories since Friday:

Friday, Practice #3 Press Conference (there was no media viewing window)

Saturday, Practice #4 Media Viewing Window Update

Saturday, Practice #4 Press Conference

Sunday, Practice #5 Media Viewing Window Update and Press Conference

There's no end in sight to the QB battle at the moment, though it could come at any moment. We really don't know a thing. I'll be shocked if Gus Malzahn actually publicly names a QB prior to the Clemson game. Although, Malzahn hasn't seemed like the type to play that type of game in the past, so maybe he will announce it. Either way, they're heading into the first major scrimmage early this week.

Kevin Greene, a former Auburn walk-on, was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the weekend. His speech was epic. If you missed it, you can read and watch the entirety of it, now, too.

Hey, Fan Day is a week from yesterday. It will take place on 14 August. In sadder news, Alabama changed the way they did their Fan Day, and there will no longer be any Running of the Gumps. It is a sad day, indeed.

I can't remember if I covered that more information came out on the Jovon Robinson situation. It definitely appears Gus Malzahn made the right decision. When even people close to Jovon and his former coaches at the JUCO level think he wasn't doing the right thing... it's a no brainer.

Auburn self-reported a number of secondary violations over the last two years. None of them are very serious. But, then, secondary violations never really are.