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Auburn Practice #6 Update: Gus Malzahn’s Press Conference Following Fall’s First Scrimmage

Auburn took the field in Jordan-Hare Stadium for the first scrimmage of fall practice. See what Gus Malzahn had to say to the media afterwards.

Auburn Athletics

Practice #6 took place inside the confines of Jordan-Hare Stadium. A light rain was falling on Auburn early this morning, but the sun showed its face briefly around 30 minutes into practice. Still, rain or shine, the Tigers were getting their first scrimmage in.

Unfortunately, it was not something open to any media, so what few pictures we have are from the official account or Charles Goldberg, who works for the school. We will hopefully hear from insiders through various websites as to what went on. Before those reports leak out, though, all we have to go on is what Gus Malzahn said in the post-practice press conference.

This morning’s scrimmage isn’t the only action for the Tigers, today. Today also marks the first two-a-day practice. So, they’ll be back out on the field this afternoon. We will not have any information for how that goes, however.


The Press Conference

As expected, there isn’t a lot of meat in here. Gus is notoriously tight-lipped. There are already some reports out there in the pay-walled world. That one references the catch by Eli Stove. I’m trying not to get too excited over a true freshman wide receiver making spectacular catches. I want to know he can make the routine ones, first. Still, though, it’s nice to hear the WRs are doing ok.

It was "60-65% run plays," which I’m guessing is about what Gus would like the offense to look like in general.

There are some discrepancies on exactly what Gus said about this weekend’s scrimmage and naming a starting QB. I’ve seen Tweets saying he’s not certain he’ll name one after that, I’ve seen that he said there’s just no timeline, and I’ve seen that he said he doesn’t know if he needs that scrimmage in order to name one. I think they’re probably all correct; it’s a matter of which exact line each quoted.