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Hindsight is 20/20-Arkansas State

That was Auburn Football.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

The last time I saw a pack of Red Wolves go down like that, Sarah Palin got her a rifle and climbed into a helicopter.

And now, I sit and wonder what might have been a week ago had Gus not gone temporarily insane.  Especially having watched Clemson waller around against Troy.  If that AU offense shows up last week, they beat Clemson by two touchdowns.  But when if's and but's are beer and nuts, we'll all get indigestion or something.

Auburn's defense continues to shine.  Both touchdowns were the result of coverage busts it looked like to me.  That is a little disconcerting, but my guess is it gets fixed rather easily.  And from the last 2 weeks, we can gather that you are not going to run the ball on Auburn.  The Red Wolves managed only 60+ yards on the ground.  That's stout, man.

Auburn has the best set of linebackers since Dansby and company, maybe the best d-line since 2004.  Top to bottom, this is a really talented team on both sides of the ball.  All we are missing is that playmaker quarterback.

Which begs the question-Can Auburn be successful with a game manager type quarterback?  I 100% believe that they can.  If last night is any indication, Sean White can be much more than a game manager.  He is very accurate with his throws, especially over the middle.  And he has some playmakers to get the ball to now, as well as a fantastic possession receiver in Will Hastings.

Combine that with a mix of power and speed at running back and you have a very dangerous offense that can put up points and yardage.

Having watched several SEC games over the last two weekends, I think that the conference is pretty wide open.  After a brilliant first week, Alabama crashed back down to earth, only able to muster 3 yards a carry against Western Kentucky.  Georgia was in a "dawg" fight late against mighty FCS opponent Nicholls.  LSU continues to underachieve and I am not sold on Texas A&M either.

We'll know a whole lot more about our team after the next two weeks.  Both are home games and very winnable.  The bottom line is that if Auburn continues to get consistent play from Sean White, they will win plenty of games.