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Link sAUsage: 12 September 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Is it just me, or does Tony Stevens look like he's throwing out a "U Mad, Bro?"
Is it just me, or does Tony Stevens look like he's throwing out a "U Mad, Bro?"
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


The Tigers had a successful weekend, opening up conference play with a win over Vanderbilt and then closing out non-conference play Sunday afternoon with a victory over Baylor.


After a year with a major league organization, Auburn's hitting guru is back on the Plains and back with his family. Casey Myers has returned to the Tigers to resume his duties with the Softball team. That's fantastic news for the Tigers' future success.


This weekend's game went considerably better than last weekend's game. The Tigers - for the first time in a while - did exactly what they were supposed to do against a lesser opponent and blew them away. You can check out the immediate post-game recap here and then my more fleshed out thoughts on the game here.

You want a fun statistic (and also proof of how dumb statistics can be this early in the season)? Auburn was ranked 13th in the SEC in rushing after Week 1. After Week 2, the Tigers lead the conference.

What got them there? Well, the combination of Kerryon Johnson and Kamryn Pettway. The two have a chance to be the best running back duo in the SEC and are both a lot of fun to watch.

They weren't the only ones running with the ball, though. Sean White carried the ball 10 times for 60 yards on the night. It wasn't much, but it was more than enough. White scrambled when he needed to and read the defense well on the keepers. It is now something that opposing defenses will have to account for, and that's all he's ever really needed to be.

Rhett Lashlee met with the media tonight and talked about the team's performance against Arkansas State and also about the upcoming game against Texas A&M. The official site's notes from the game have a lot of fascinating stats in them. Auburn played a ton of underclassmen against Arkansas State, and many of them were in key roles. Just think... aside from Tony Stevens and Daniel Carlson, virtually every player who scored/made big plays on offense were sophomores or freshmen.

TJ Neal did not dress out for Saturday night's game against Arkansas State. You have to figure that's a result of his Twitter tirade after the Clemson game. Hopefully, he'll be able to contribute, soon. If not, then the linebackers we do have are performing quite admirably.

I haven't done an article on this, but it is pretty much confirmed that Landon Rice is no longer with the program. There are all sorts of rumors about why, but I'm not going to speculate on those.

In better news, Bill Belichick has pulled a few undrafted free agents out of Auburn over the last few years. He credits Jonathan Jones' success with coming from "a good program at Auburn."

Also in the NFL, here's a round-up of what former Tigers did in the League's first weekend. Karlos Dansby proved he's still going strong with 11 tackles for the Bengals. CJ Uzomah joined him on Cincinnati's list of highlights, too.