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Auburn vs Arkansas State Plays and Players of the Game

The staff weighs in on their favorite parts of the game.

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Ryan Sterritt

Player of the game? Me. It's the first home game I've missed as a student, and it sounded like I missed a fun game. Who knows, I was at a wedding and haven't even watched the game. I'm a little scared to watch any more games this year, in case I'm the bad luck charm.

In all seriousness, it sounded like everyone showed out. I'm going to say Sean White, if only because he took the chance to cement himself in Gus's eyes and ran with it. Good for him, and for us, because I think Auburn can be a very dangerous team with him at QB.

Son of Crow

Play of the game was the Davis Catch. The game was still a tight contest when that took place. Davis making that catch put ASU on notice that they didn’t have the horses for this race.

Player of the game
Offense: I think the obvious choice is Sean White, but I am going to say Kerryon Johnson. He was dominant with the ball in his hands, looking like a Darren McFadden clone. I think he could be special and he has already eclipsed his rushing total and TDs from last season, I believe.

Defense: Rudy Ford isn’t going to be an obvious choice here, but he is a ball magnet. He is so fun to watch and to have on your team. It’s been a while since we’ve had a safety I have enjoyed watching work this much.

Also, I believe i got closest on the predictions. I assume my check is in the mail.

Dr Z

The play of the game was the Davis catch.  It was Beckham Jr-esq.  The Kerryon run after the Sean White improv was a close runner up.  Another close runner up was the Legatron fake field goal.

Game Ball to Sean White, who was deadly accurate and tough as nails.  He knew where to go with the ball, went through progressions, and even tucked and ran when he needed to.

Game Ball on defense to Tre Williams.  His energy is amazing.  Great linebacker play has been sorely absent for so long at Auburn.  I really love the way these guys run to the football.

Bobby Barkley

Kerryon's first TD (which I know has earned names like "Spin Cycle," etc, but that I'm affectionately naming "Sean Dive") reminded me of the Fake 23 Blast with a Backside George Reverse from Remember the Titans, except Sean was Sunshine and Kerryon was Rev. I mean, it was almost identical once they made the end around and got to the far sideline. Dare I say, that whole aroused me.

I believe Ryan Davis had that big block towards the end of that run, but even though Sean didn't hit anybody, he got in the way of another defender right beforehand. That gave Kerryon just another split second of space to run (seconds + know, Star Wars units), which was overlooked, but just as important. 

Sean is my player of the game. Kerryon is runner-up for getting back out there after the fumble and making things right instead of sulking about it. Daniel Carlson gets honorable mention for not taunting anyone after his touchdown run on the fake, and so does Kamryn Pettway for his near identical Rudi Johnson flashback run. Man, he was so close to scoring.

Next week is our benchmark for the a team...but we're in good hands, y'all. Gus and our entire offense was questioned last week, and they came out with a rock-solid answer last night. If Sean stays healthy and continues to get production from his WRs like last night, I definitely think he's our guy. WDE.


Play of the game was the catch. I'm not sure I'll see a better catch this year.

Player(s) of the game:
Sean White on offense. He was allowed to find a rhythm. Looked calm in the pocket and made food decisions. Tony Stevens gets honorable mention. He finally looked like the player I thought he'd be all along.
Tre Williams on defense. The linebackers had a solid game and Williams stood out.

Key to the game was the long awaited return wolf Gus. Where has that play calling been for the past year+?

Emily Rios

Gotta go with Sean for player of the game on offense. He showed us everything we wanted to see and more. But, all around, the offense was what we've been missing since 2014.

Another good performance from the D. Tre Williams was all over the field.

I said last night that yeah, it was just Arkansas State. But all day long I worried, watching "better" teams struggle against "lesser" opponents. Auburn went out there and played good, fundamentally sound, fun football. If they can continue to play like that and if Gus is truly back, I think we can win some ballgames.


Sean was great. The more reps he gets, the better he looks. Kamryn Pettway deserves a mention too. He runs with an attitude. He may not be the fastest, but he will punish a defense.

On defense, I liked what I saw out of Rudy Ford. I'll need to watch the recording to really tell

LVP is the dude behind me who kept complaining about every Sean White incompletion. Even in the 3rd quarter.

Play of the game was Kerryon's spin and reverse. Sean was in trouble and just got it to Kerryon and hoped he would make a play. It was great by both of them. Oh, and THEY'RE BOTH SOPHOMORES.


Sean White is the offensive player of the game. He's been compared a lot to Brandon Cox but Saturday he reminded me of a slower, poor-man's Johnny Manziel. He hustles and likes to play street ball. He puts the ball in the air and lets his receivers make plays. Gus and Rhett finally started calling plays that suit his skill set and as a result, he started completing passes and the box got decluttered. Kerryon and Pettway had bigger holes to run through.

Marlon Davidson was my defensive player of the game. He's going to be a beast. He whipped his man all night and always gave great pursuit. I love watching a man his size run down a ball carrier. The Dread Pirate Marlon is here for your soul.

Play of the game is definitely Kyle's catch. Lawyer Tillman--who had the best hands I ever saw at Auburn--couldn't have made that catch. Live, I thought the cheering was for a pass interference flag. It never occurred to me that he completed the catch. Best catch I've ever seen in person.

Kerryon's run will also be one of the biggest highlights of the 2016 season.


I can't really pick on the play of the game. The fake FG was awesome. The catch was one of the best I've seen in a while. The more I think about it, though, the more I'm going to go with Kerryon's touchdown. There's just so much about that play that was beautiful.

There's Sean White's pocket awareness and body control to release the ball before his knees hit. There's Will Hastings blocking, Ryan Davis blocking, and Sean White himself getting back up and getting enough in front of a defender that it removes him from the play (a non-contact block, if you will), and the hurdle.

Oh, and then, of course, there's this unbelievable footwork.

I'm so glad someone got this camera angle.

For player of the game, I'm going to go a bit more wide and say the whole wide receiving corps. What Sean did was impressive, but it's what I've suspected he was capable of all along. The missing cog has been the WRs holding on to the ball. Of the "drops," I don't know that I would put a single one on the shoulders of the WRs in this one.

There were so many breakout players in the group. Kyle Davis, Tony Stevens, Darius Slayton, really the whole unit looked good. I'm excited about the potential in them all.

On defense, Marlon Davidson is my MVP. Were there others with better games? Probably. But, for a true freshman in only his second game, Davidson is playing well beyond his years and level of experience. He's going to be a great one.