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John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much like following the presumed second best team in the country with Arkansas State to lift your spirits. And I'm not going to tell you much about a 51-14 win over the Red Wolves that you didn't see yourself. So I'll be brief.

1. WHITE, SEAN MIGHT BE GOOD! Well, he IS good. He always WAS good. He's just not the type of athlete that Gus WANTS to maximize the potential of the offense. But that can be okay! I mean, I think JF3 has still just attempted one pass. And I kind of don't get not giving him more opportunities to try that on Saturday. Maybe put in THAT wrinkle rather than the fake field goal? Could be more productive?

I don't know. I'm splitting hairs for the sake of TAKES.

2. [to the tune of "Hey Pocky Way" by the Meters.] HEY. HEY. HEY. KAMRYN PETTWAY. Maybe Auburn has two legitimately good running backs DESPITE kicking one off the team. And that's really great. Because Auburn under Gus Malzahn has always needed two running threats and if Kamryn can take that pressure off of WHITE, SEAN, maybe he can just manage the game like he is being asked.

3. Tony Stevens! And Kyle Davis! And Will Hastings! Oh my! You undoubtedly are aware - this team had ten different guys catch a ball on Saturday, including that thing that Kyle Davis did. Coupled with that two headed running game, this offense looked like a Gus Malzahn offense for the first time since, dare I say, 2013. I don't know what changed. I don't know if it was simply an inferior opponent. But I like it. [extremely Jim Carrey voice] I like it a lot.

4. 2016 will be measured by Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Arkansas and Ole Miss. Those should all be winnable. I think. And probably Georgia. But the success within reach of this team begins this week. Auburn hasn't lost a conference game. Its offense seems fixed? And there's plenty of reason for optimism.

Here's to a more interesting weekend of football. It's fixing to get real good.