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Link sAUsage: 14 September 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Horace Spencer had knee surgery over the off-season, but Bruce Pearl had some good news about his recovery the other night. Horace is full speed and ready to go for the 2016-17 season.


After a week of struggling with some identity issues, the Undercover Barner knows exactly what it is, this week!

Gus met with the media Tuesday morning, as usual, and spoke about the previous week's performance as well as previewing a bit of the Aggies. There are some injury updates and thoughts on more trick plays discussed, too.

The 2017 football schedule is out, and I'm already planning the outrageous Q&A I'll do with myself for Game 1. It's funny how different some reactions have been. I've seen "that's an easy schedule" and I've seen "that's a ridiculously hard schedule!"

Tony Stevens had his best game, yet, Saturday night. If the big man can keep playing to that level, then he's going to be one of the best threats in the receiving game for the Tigers given his height.

He also works really well with Sean White, as WarRoom Eagle notes over behind the paywall at 247Sports. That breakdown is excellent for showing how well White understands his reads, how well the receivers are understanding them, and how Gus is comfortable with calling plays for Sean White. It's Arkansas State, yes, but there's so much potential, there.

One defensive lineman that didn't play against Arkansas State was Devaroe Lawrence. His absence was not surprising to a fellow lineman, who said it was an issue between Lawrence and position coach Rodney Garner.

You can bet Jeremiah Dinson will be on the mind of every Auburn defensive back this Saturday night against Texas A&M. They'll all be playing hard for Dinson, who was injured a year ago against the Aggies in College Station on an awful targeting hit that wasn't even ruled targeting in the end. Dinson is on the road to recovery and could be back this year, though I would bet on a redshirt, personally.

Do you drive RVs to the games? Would you like to leave yours parked between the Texas A&M game and the LSU game? Well, you can do that!