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College Football Rankings: The Sterritt Score - Week 2

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Note: Because these rankings are purely based on results, and every team starts the season with the same numbers, I cannot provide any rankings for at least a few weeks. Until then, I'll discuss some interesting points of interest with respect to the Sterritt Score. I posted an introduction to my rankings last week. Check it out if you're curious on my methodology!

How about that for an encore to "The Greatest Opening Weekend Ever"? As much as week one was hyped, we were told week two was going to be a snooze fest. There were no ranked matchups, and most of the top teams were eating their cupcakes for dessert after the five course meal that was Labor Day weekend. Even I, the senior who hasn’t missed a home game since I’ve been in Auburn, decided I could take the day away from football and go with my fiancé to a friend’s wedding in Birmingham.

The things we do for love…

(Just kidding, I had a blast!)

College football took Thursday off to let the NFL kickoff, but starting Friday, it was a doozy of a college football weekend. Although I don’t have rankings to show off yet, let’s run through Week 2.

Friday Night Lights

Louisville played Syracuse Friday night, and all I can say is WOW Lamar Jackson is good. I get that the two opponents they’ve played, Charlotte and Syracuse, aren’t exactly elite competition. But think about these numbers for a moment:

  • Lamar Jackson already has already scored 13 touchdowns this season.
  • Lamar Jackson has only played 57 minutes total this season.
  • Lamar Jackson is only 19, and a true sophomore.
  • Lamar Jackson can do this...

Of more relevance to my rankings, Louisville knocked out Syracuse one minute and 40 seconds Friday. It took only four offensive plays. That’s incredible. As I’m sure you heard by now, Louisville plays FSU Saturday, which should be a big test for Jackson. With a good game here, you can bet he’ll have that early-season Heisman wrapped up.

The Service Academies

I think my favorite story line so far this season is that all three service academies (Air Force, Army, Navy) are 2-0. This hasn’t been done since 1996! Navy and Air Force have enjoyed some recent success in their respective Group of 5 conferences, but if you’ve followed Army in recent history, you’d know that they’ve struggled just to get to two or three wins per year. The challenges at these schools, between budget, recruiting, player size limitations, and the fact that it comes with a military commitment is intense. However, I always find myself pulling for these teams. Navy will take on Tulane this week in what should be a sure win for the Midshipmen, Army goes on the road to play UTEP, and Air Force has the week off before traveling to Utah State in Week 4. There’s a decent chance these teams could each start 3-0, which would be the first time EVER.

September Is Not For Rankings

September is a fun time in college football. We finally get to see what our team has after a long summer, there’s some intriguing out-of-conference matchups, and it seems like there’s a handful of huge upsets every week. However, it’s hard to REALLY learn who a team is based off these first few weeks. Besides things such as new coaches and young players (oh, and refs) occasionally losing their minds, teams typically only play one meaningful game early before conference play begins. Some teams (four, actually) I still don’t have any information on, because they’ve played an FCS team and had a bye in their first two weeks. With that being said, it will likely be after Week 4 (or maybe 5) before I feel comfortable presenting any sort of rankings.

Great Weekend 2.0

You all heard this year’s opening weekend called "The Greatest Opening Weekend in College Football History". We hit a valley in Week 2, but I might venture to guess that this could be the best Week 3 in a long time, too. This is the first time ever the top 3 teams all play true road games against ranked opponents. SEC play is getting into full swing. Notre Dame plays Michigan, Auburn plays TAMU, Oklahoma plays Ohio State, Bama plays Ole Miss, LSU plays Mississippi State, and Louisville plays FSU. I know I’ll be glued to the TV this Saturday. There could definitely be some playoff dreams crushed this week.

War Eagle!

So, last Saturday was fun. As hopeless as I think we all felt about the offense after Clemson, it seems like most people are sky-high about everything surrounding Auburn right now. I’ll admit, getting texts every few minutes during the game about a Kyle Davis or a Kerryon Johnson scamper was both miserable (because I wasn’t there) but also delightful. I’ve said since Arkansas last year that I think Sean White can be a good quarterback in this system, if he’s allowed to run it properly and the wide receivers don’t have hands of stone. It sounds like he was allowed to do just that Saturday. This week should be a good barometer of where we really are, though. Texas A&M has been getting rave reviews for their defense and some are calling their receiving core among the best in the nation. It really puts the impetus on our defensive front to get to Trevor Knight Saturday. Even if it allows for a few big plays, I think we will be best served if we can make a few big sacks and turnovers.

Questions or comments? Let me know below!

War Eagle everyone!