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Auburn University President Jay Gogue To Retire

He informed the Board of Trustees they will need to begin the search for a new president at today's meeting.

Dr Gogue with his wife, Mrs. Susie Gogue. Photo from his official university biography.
Dr Gogue with his wife, Mrs. Susie Gogue. Photo from his official university biography.
Auburn University

Jay Gogue came home to Auburn as the school's 18th president in the summer of 2007 following stints as the President of New Mexico State University and the University of Houston (along with being chancellor of the University of Houston System). He followed Edward R. Richardson, who served as the President following William F. Walker leaving in the wake of the JetGate scandal and the subsequent SACS probation.

Gogue graduated from Auburn with a bachelor's degree in 1969 and a Master's Degree in 1971. He also took part in Army ROTC and served as an officer in the United States Army Reserve.

He's served Auburn University through a time of serious growth for the school. He's done a lot of great things during his tenure. There has been constant expansion and construction over the last 9 years, and the school has a continuous ongoing plan for how it will continue to improve. His official bio states that

Since returning as president in July 2007, Dr. Gogue has worked to improve the academic strength of Auburn's student body and encouraged research and outreach.

Under his leadership, Auburn is implementing a strategic plan focused on enhancing student success, supporting faculty excellence, strengthening public engagement, and promoting research, scholarship, and creative work.

Dr. Gogue has mostly stayed out of any athletics affairs. For those in the Auburn world - and I know there are many of you - who may hope this means the possibility of a new president making a change in the athletic department, I wouldn't be getting my hopes up. For one thing, Jacobs' contract buyout is expensive and pretty much stays that way. You never know, though. If the Big 3 continue to struggle (something I don't think will be the case), the new President could decide to make a change. The new president likely won't even take office until next Summer, though, so it's unlikely that any change would be made for another 2 years or so.

Dr. Gogue has been a great representative of Auburn University. Whoever is chosen by the Board of Trustees to follow him will have a tough act to follow.

War Eagle, Dr. Gogue, and enjoy your retirement!