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Auburn vs Texas A&M Staff Predictions and Early Morning Open Thread

Let's predict the game!

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Ryan Sterritt

Who knows with this one, honestly. I feel like Auburn and A&M are almost twins this year. An offensive coach who is having to resurrect his identity as an offensive genius after past success, an offense that finally seems to be clicking how it should for the first time in a while, and a defense which is somewhat surprisingly really good, anchored by a STUD defensive end.

With that being said, we have the home field and the best kicker in the country. Give me 38-31 Auburn.


I have no idea. I could see either team winning close, or in a romp. However, we handled them lat year with Jeremy at QB, and I really hope Gus figured some stuff out last week. I think special teams and our D Line is the difference, 27-21

Bobby Barkley

​All week I've been asking myself whether Texas A&M or Clemson is the better football team. That's a scary comparison, but then again, so are our current options for President.

I know one thing...they're both as stupid as the day is long.

Clemson has a stupid ol' big-nosed coach and a bunch of stupid, pirated traditions.

Texas A&M has a bunch of gas pumpin', high-fivin', bellhoppin', shirt-tuckin', top-shelfin', back-slappin', sissy-man froofroo pretty boys on the sideline whose only skill is essentially using the Wingdings of sign language to demonstrate how to (simultaneously, mind you) shoot a pistol in the air behind one's head, hang wet laundry on a clothesline, then use jazz hands to make one's own spin cycle when the clothesline just isn't fast enough.

I hope we win on another uncalled horse-collar penalty. I don't care how we win as long as it results in YouTube conspiracy videos about how much Auburn cheats.

Auburn 28
A&M 24

Son of Crow

Texas aggies won't score in the fourth quarter after auburn figures itself out. I think we might be in for another 3rd quarter lull from Gus, unfortunately.
I think we win a close one.

Oscar Whiskey

Auburn (bigger number) - TAMU (smaller number)


It all comes down to the battle on the edge of our offensive line.  If Auburn can slow down the Aggies' ends long enough to let Sean White throw the ball downfield, Auburn could run away with this game.  If Garrett gets to White early and often, it's going to be a hard game to win.  Auburn 38 Texas A&M 27.

Dr Z

I think if Gus sticks to the game plan, Auburn wins.  A&M's defense is better for sure.  But White may have turned the corner now that the staff has shown a little confidence.  Noel Mazzone, one of Tubs long lost coordinators now runs the show rather than Sumlin (so they say) but I still don't believe their O-Line can handle Lawson and company.

Expect lower scoring and close.

Auburn 27
CorpsTurds 24


This game could go so many ways. I think it will be pretty close, but I think Auburn's defensive line will be able to do enough to disrupt the Aggies' offense. If the Auburn offensive line can in any way deal with Texas A&M's line as they did last season, then we could see a very similar game.

If Auburn's red zone troubles come up again, this will be a very close game, or at least it will look like one on the scoreboard like last season. If Auburn is able to score from outside the red zone on big plays or convert in the red zone, then Auburn could win big.

Of course, Auburn's OL could also prove itself unable to handle the A&M DL and we end up like the Clemson game. They did much better in the 2nd half of that one, though, so I think they've improved and are continuing to improve.

Give me Auburn 27 - Texas A&M 17