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Auburn Falls to Texas A&M 29-16

The Tigers' home losing streak to SEC teams continues.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The first play of the game was the story of the game, as Auburn's offensive line couldn't contain the Aggies' front and Sean White was dropped for a big loss. The Aggies' DL blew up the Tigers all night and didn't allow any sort of room for the offense to develop.

Kevin Steele's defense came to play, but when the offense is giving the ball back so quickly and so often, it's hard to keep holding on. Until the Aggie's back-breaking touchdown run in the 4th quarter, they had held A&M to one touchdown and five field goals.

After a first quarter in which Auburn scored first on a great drive, the Tigers' offense seemed flat the rest of the night until John Franklin III entered the game late. He engineered two good drives, but the first ended on a turnover on downs after what should have been 2nd and 1 after a substitution penalty that went uncalled ended up 3rd and 3 and the Aggie D held strong.

At the time, the game was still within reach. A&M busted a long touchdown run to really seal the deal after that. Though the Tigers would score a touchdown and get the ball back with just under two minutes to play, they couldn't pull out a miracle.

This game leaves the Tigers with a lot of questions. The offensive line wasn't exactly providing White a lot of time to throw the ball; much of the game resembled the first half against Clemson. JF3 gave the Tigers a spark in the running game, but his decision making is just not where it needs to be to run the offense full-time.

Auburn will face LSU next Saturday night. That is the game that could truly be the tipping point for Gus Malzahn's tenure at Auburn.

War Eagle, always.