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Link sAUsage: 22 September 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Fair warning to start things off: Things may be a bit slow, today. I'm going to be out of pocket all day on a recon for a field exercise coming up next month.


After making it to the NCAA Tournament last year, what do the national folks think about Auburn Women's Basketball? Well, there are a few preseason publication who have Coach Flo's team ranked in the Top 25.


The Tigers are ready to defend their national title from a year ago. They're top ranked, return a lot of talent, and have added some more! Plus, the horses are still the same, right?


The ladies are in Gainesville, Florida tonight for a matchup with the Gators.


SEC play opens this weekend as the ladies will host one SEC foe and travel to face another.


We spoke to our friends over at And The Valley Shook to talk about this weekend's game. See what Billy Gomilla had to say about the game. And, while you're at it, Billy is good people and was affected by the floods in Louisiana, so consider giving him and others a helping hand.

Oscar Whiskey still can't get over the A&M game. He, like many of us I think, is most frustrated by the fact that this game (and Clemson) really comes down to a few plays even with the offensive struggles.

It's VIP, unfortunately, but WarRoom Eagle has a look at what went wrong for Auburn in the 3rd quarter last week.

In the SEC Teleconference, Gus says the team's leadership has really stepped up this week. I hope they're able to light a fire under some of the others. And get the coaches on track, too.

Rhett Lashlee puts the starting running back spot as a split between Pettway and Johnson. Honestly, I think it's more Pettway than Johnson right now, but I also think it depends on the team the Tigers are playing.

Will changes come on the offensive line? The coaches aren't saying, but it's possible. It was a radical change in the line back in 2007 that changed the course of that season after a 1-2 start, so there is precedent.

Rick Neuheisel thinks Art Briles will be at Auburn next year in some capacity. No. Just, please, no.

Speaking of situations like that, the Landon Rice issue is getting nastier by the day as the accuser's lawyer came forward with text messages purported to be from Landon apologizing to the girl. That's an issue I'm not really going to offer a lot of commentary on until all the facts are available. All I'll say right now is that those messages do not look good.

The Tre Mason saga continues. He missed a court date, but it was because he was hospitalized. Hopefully, he's getting help.