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Auburn vs LSU Staff Predictions and Early Games Open Thread

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How do we feel about this one?

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Ryan Sterritt

Tigers: ?
Tigers: ?



Tigers win. I don't know which ones, but it has potential to be embarrassing for the good guys. Gus sounded dejected, like a beaten man, in his weekly teleconference. A head coach with a confidence and an identity problem doesn't usually bode well for success.

24-9? Sure. I'll go with that I guess.


Auburn 23
LSU 14

I like the way this game sets up for our defense.

Dr. Z

Auburn must sell out to stop the run and put corners on an island.  LSU doesn't have the QB or receivers we saw last week.

I actually think the defense will be fine in this one, but I just do not believe Gus can adjust or come up with a cohesive game plan to win.  More importantly, I don't think Gus believes he can either.

LSU 16
Auburn 12


Last year, I thought there was no way we lost the Georgia game. Auburn was mediocre but that was as bad a Georgia team as there had been in years.

Auburn should beat this LSU team, but I can't imagine a scenario in which we do. Hope I'm wrong.


This was the game I felt better about between last week and this one. Gus/Rhett have to get in a play-calling rhythm and players have to execute. There was one major failure on nearly every play in the second half last week. Clean up those mistakes, and this could go much better. Chin-up y'all

Auburn 24
LSU 20

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 13
LSU 10

Son of Crow

The Texas Bowl play-in game will be an ugly one. I think the loser is probably looking for a  new coach at the end of the season, or at least a new offensive staff.

I think Auburn wins a dog-fight.

Orange Tigers: 21
Purple Tigers: 17

We just have to stop that one guy from running for 200 yards.


You know what? It seems like I've been wrong in almost every prediction for a while. So, just to be contrary, I'm going to say LSU whips our butt. Maybe then the opposite will actually happen. We'll see, I guess.