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Link sAUsage: 26 September 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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So, the soccer team is on a roll! After last week's mid-week victory over Florida 3-0 in Gainesville, the Tigers traveled to Athens and knocked off the Dawgs 4-2 thanks to Kristen Dodson's second straight brace.


Auburn did pretty well in their opening tournament of the season with Allie Michaud winning the single's title. She defeated a teammate to do it, so an Auburn Tiger would have won either way!


Whew, boy, what a game. The ramifications of it are being felt all over even to yesterday with the firing of Les Miles and also Gus Malzahn saying he'll be turning play calling over to Rhett Lashlee for the rest of the season. See the immediate post-game recap here as well as the more detailed thoughts that I had yesterday afternoon.

Last night's news was not all good, though. Sometime around midnight local time, a local man set the Magnolia Oak ablaze. While early prognoses seemed to be pretty good, the news got progressively worse as the day went on. It is likely that the Magnolia Oak will have to be replaced for the second time.

With the LSU game came the reappearance of a familiar face on Twitter. And, with the Toomer's Corner news, he shared a FanPost from just before the Last Roll that was unfortunately all too relevant, again.

Back to the game, Sean White believes Saturday night's win will be the start of something big. The Tigers certainly have a good few weeks coming up to build on the LSU win, that's for sure. Hopefully that involves fixing red zone issues. Daniel Carlson feels much the same after he tied the Auburn record for field goals in a single game.

Speaking of Sean White, read about Auburn legend Pat Sullivan's bit of pre-game superstition advice to the Tiger quarterback before the game.

How good has the defense been this season? Well, for the first time since 2008, Auburn is almost into the Top 25 in scoring defense. That's pretty good.

Kevin Steele spoke with the media last night. He had some heartfelt words to say about Les Miles after the firing. Steele worked with Miles last season, so he knows the LSU coaching staff and the situation there. He also spoke about what went right for Auburn in this year's LSU game vs last year's, and the most obvious one is that Auburn actually tackled well (particularly when it comes to Fournette).