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Hindsight is 20/20 - No Les. No More.

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Another crazy chapter in the story that is Auburn-LSU.

I know we play the same position, but can I have your autograph?
I know we play the same position, but can I have your autograph?
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

So on a whim, I decided to take my 6-year-old son down to the Plains to watch Auburn-LSU.  I figured it would be a nice opportunity to let him see a big game, even though both teams were struggling to find themselves early on in the year.

We made it to the tailgate a couple hours before the game, where he played with his adorable little cousin.  I bought tickets off of a nice guy for $20 bucks each.  And away we went.

For whatever reason, whether security or the ticket scanners not functioning correctly, it took forever to get through the gates.  I'm talking an extra 25 minutes in the 90-degree heat.  It was at best not ideal.  We missed the eagle.  He was a little disappointed, but I made it up to him with cotton candy, thinking surely the sugar rush would get him through the first half.

I pointed out #7 on the opposing team.  I said, "Watch out for this one."  He's really good.  My son replied "I bet he smells like corn dogs."

My son made it to halftime, and my sister graciously took the kids back to the tailgate to run around and play.  It was a good thing because I would not have dealt with the stress of that game and the demands of a six-year-old on a sugar high.

Before I get into my thoughts on the game I must say I am sad to see Les Miles go.  He is a character and from all accounts an all around good guy.  It was time for him to exit Baton Rouge, however.  It was apparent that he was underachieving with more overall talent.  And the LSU fan base, much like Auburn, is spoiled with success.  I hope he lands a job soon, simply for the end of game entertainment value.

Random thoughts on the game....

- Daniel Carlson is the best kicker in college football, so much to the point that on 4th and goal from the one-yard line I'm upset about not kicking a 4th field goal before the half to take the points.

- Statistically, this game was not close.  Auburn dominated, but poor execution and lack of creative play calling inside the 20 nearly cost us the game.  I think inside the 5 needs to be John Franklin territory, to at least threaten with the zone read or bootleg.

- Play calling was much much better.  I felt like Lashlee calling plays was much more fluid.  Sure, I'd like to see a few more intermediate and deep throws, but all in all, it was better.  And don't think for a minute I believe the garbage Kevin Scarbinsky was peddling on Sunday morning.  I don't think Gus is scapegoating his protege to save his job. I don't think a high profile booster is influencing the program and making room for Art Briles.  I especially love how he proves again how journalism is dead:

If you believe what people close to the program offered as the reason for the change, it may not have been entirely Malzahn's idea. It may have been a powerful suggestion from an activist booster with the potential end game of bringing in Art Briles at the end of the season.

Pure speculation transformed into fact by a hack who makes his living not practicing journalism but by generating click bait.

- Targeting is stupid. How you can throw Tre Williams out and not throw Arden Key out is insane. Williams is trying to make a tackle on a guy running the football. When a quarterback takes off does he becomes a running back?  Sean White is a defenseless player who is following through after a throw. It seems backward to me.

- The last play that wasn’t. I was watching the jumbotron on the last play, and was screaming my head off that LSU didn’t snap the ball. You actually see DeShaun Davis waving his arms as the clock strikes zero. Watching the replay at home last night, I was beside myself listening to the two morons from ESPN stating that he got the snap off. Come to Trussville for an eye exam guys.

- To the idiot who decided to set fire to our tree - Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son. Also, don’t drop the soap.

So at 2-2, Auburn gets a breather this week when La-Monroe comes to town, followed by a manageable trip to Starkville, where the Bullies have come back to earth post-Dak Prescott. Auburn should be 4-2 when Arkansas comes calling. So you can see three winnable games on the horizon. 5-2 at that point will make the debacles against Clemson and A&M a distant memory.