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Auburn vs LSU Plays and Players of the Game

The staff reflects on Saturday night's insane (and, yet, normal) Auburn vs LSU game.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


Carlson is player of the game. Kerryon was great, but even good kickers honk one here or there. He was perfect.

Play of the game for me was the targeting ejection for Tre Williams. It amped up the crowd and the defense. Especially after the non-ejection for Key, I have no idea what targeting is, but that gave the team a lift.

Son of Crow

Player of the game: Legatron.

If we had any other kicker in the country we likely are looking at an embarrassing loss.

Defensive player of the game: Lawson finally made himself a factor in a big game this season. More of that, please.

Dr. Z

Game ball to Carlson, but honorable mention to Sean White, who I believe was 11-14 in the first half, and two of those incompletions were drops.

Game ball to Josh Holsey for me. He provided great coverage all night and even tackled Fournette a few times.

As an aside, I texted my wife after the game and told her I think I had a mini-stroke during the last play of the game because all of a sudden I tasted copper and my left arm went numb.  She thought I was serious and called me 11 times on the walk back to the car to check on me.


Offensive player of the game was Carlson. Until someone crosses a goal line, no one else qualifies. I was pleased to see the offense move the ball between the 20s and finally pick up the pace but man we stink in the red zone.

Defensive player of the game was Montravious Adams. He set the tone stuffing Fournette on an early 2nd down and the d line dominated LSU's offensive line.

Play of the game to me was the 3rd and 3 from our own 9. Auburn is up 12-10. The offense put the defense in a hole when White was hit and fumbled setting up 1st and 10 at the LSU 16. Two Fournette carries set up 3rd and 3 from the 9. Darrell Williams stops Fournette short of the first down and forces an LSU field goal. Great work out of our linebackers this year.


Carlson clearly is the player of the game. But I really liked what I saw from Sean White. He was accurate and efficient and didn't make mistakes. Offense moved the ball well 20 to 20 but play calling AND execution was not good in the end zone. That obviously needs to get better because LSU is the worst offensive team we will play in conference the rest of the year. Can't live off of field goals.

Hard to pick a defensive player of the game because so many guys played well and made big plays. Carl Lawson, Monty, Carlton Davis, Deshaun Davis, the list goes on and on.

Ryan Sterritt

Player of the game, Carlson, duh. Honorable mention: the crowd, because Jordan-Hare hasn't been rocking like that in about two or three years.

I think this was Sean White showing he is a good quarterback that we can win with if we call the right plays for him. One or two runs to keep everyone honest and a good mix of short and midrange throws. Obviously, the red zone has to be fixed *cough* QB Sneak *cough* but we played a generally good game versus a very good defense. We've got a few weeks to build on it now.

Defensively, there was a lot to like. Besides a few blown assignments early leading to big Fournette runs, and some chaos at the end, we looked good. I think they had the play of the game, with Carl Lawson picking up a HUGE sack with about 20 seconds left, making them use their last timeout.


Carlson is damn near automatic. He's the O-MVP through the first quarter of the season. I love that the FG range stripe on the TV broadcast is almost at the midfield stripe.

Defensive player of the game goes to the entire defense. The way the defense has been playing is so sexy. It's so exciting it'll make blood rush to your extremities.

Emily Rios

Carlson is amazing. Just amazing. We're so lucky to have him. I was glad to see Mon and Carl have some real success. Sean looked great, and I hope his confidence just continues to build. Maybe that'll get us in the end zone eventually.

I said I couldn't imagine a scenario in which we won this game. I'm so glad I was wrong about the final outcome, but yeah, no one could have imagined that.

Bobby Barkley

Carlson and the entire special teams unit that allows him to be so $.


Y'all know I like to be contrary, so I'm going to have to go with LOL NO, CAN'T DO IT, IT'S CARLSON. There's no way anyone but Daniel Carlson wins MVP for this game on the offensive side of the ball.

On defense, I'm going to go with Tray Matthews because I think he really did well to answer the criticisms following last year's game. Honorable mention to Monty Adams who is playing like a man working for a draft pick, this season. He's done some bad things to offensive lines at times.

Play of the game was Lawson's sack on that last drive. LSU was moving the ball, and we needed our star defensive end to step up and make a big play. He did just that at a crucial moment when a player of his caliber is supposed to.