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Auburn Football Kevin Steele Post-Clemson Game Press Conference Recap

Kevin Steele met with the media tonight for the first time following Saturday's game. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Steele had a lot to say in the first press conference of the actual football season for him. He, thankfully, had a great defensive performance to talk about.

I love his attitude on the performance. Yes, they held Clemson to 19 points, but it was still a loss and they always want to improve and get the win. And that was an amazing performance. I'm looking back on it and thinking that for the first time in a few years, I don't recall screaming about tackling or how the defense let a player get so wide open. That was as fundamentally sound of a performance as I can remember.

Unfortunately, there were some killer moments like the penalties on 3rd down. I think each time Clemson had a drive extended on a penalty, they ended up with points. It's hard to defend ever pass play and Watson was killer on the back shoulder throws, but those were the only real misses. Otherwise, I'm thrilled with what the defense did. Sure, maybe Clemson's offense isn't as good this year (I don't believe that), but the defense's fundamentals in limiting them are what thrills me.

Auburn played 11 defensive linemen against Clemson. That's most all of them on the team depending on which players they're counting as linemen or not (Paul James probably fits here, Jeff Holland probably not).

I'm not surprised he won't say about Stephen Roberts' status. I'm honestly surprised he even mentioned that Malzahn has decided on Roberts' status rather than just deferring to Gus. I guess we'll (maybe) find out tomorrow. I'm guessing that's the only game he misses, but that's just me.

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