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Link sAUsage: 6 September 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.

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Our resident optometrist has some thoughts on the Clemson game. Funny enough, they fit in with some things he has to say multiple times per day anyway as part of his job.

Kevin Steele met with the media last night. He had a good bit to say, really. There's stuff about the linebackers, the number of linemen that played, Roberts' status, and more.

Tuco had some late night thoughts on the game you need to check out, too. Sometimes the best (or at least the more talented) team loses. The coaches couldn't get out of their players' way and come up with a plan to allow them to succeed.

Blake has some smoking hot TAKES that went out this morning. Be sure you check them out.

The defense performed as well or better than we ever could have hoped against Clemson. Deshaun Davis says they can get even better.

There is a lot of talent on that defense and a lot of young guys that are already turning heads. Derrick Brown acted like a veteran on the fumble drill. Javaris Davis was picked on a good bit early on, but still gave Kevin Steele some positive vibes.

ESPN has some thoughts on the rotating quarterbacks deal and they're talking about it being confusing just like everyone else. Seriously, what the heck was that all about?

Which QB graded the highest according to pro football focus? I'm guessing you don't even need to click that link to find out. Everyone knows which QB was the best (based on what they were allowed to do; it's not like JFIII was allowed to do anything other than hand the ball off).

The mothership says Clemson DC Brent Venables was "tipped" that Auburn might run the Wing-T. Huh. Gus and the Wing-T. That sounds familiar. OH CRAP, IS IT OUR FAULT WITH WARROOM EAGLES' SUMMER SERIES!?!?!? I doubt it, but still...