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Auburn vs Clemson, Players of the Game

Who did the staff think had the best game for the Tigers?

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This is a feature I will normally try to get out by Monday morning at the latest during a normal week. With the holiday weekend, it became a bit harder to do so.


Defensive player of the game is Jonathan Holsey. He had a tough duty. They put him on an island all night against talented receivers and he fought his tail off. He broke up some passes and had a pick. The entire secondary did well against what may be the best receiving corps we'll see all season and allowed the front seven to shut down the run.

Offensive player of the game, Kerryon Johnson. He needs more help from ... Well pretty much everybody.

Special teams Daniel Carlson. That was a tremendous kick.


Deshaun Davis


As much as I loved the game from Holsey, I've been waiting for a game like that since he signed as a recruit, I have to agree with J and say Deshaun Davis. He was all over the field and made some great plays.

Of course, Legatron has to get a mention. If the coaches weren't too busy being idiots, he'd have had at least 2 more FGs.

Gus and his offensive "plan" reminds me of Coach Klein. 



Definitely DeShaun Davis. He was fantastic.

Dr. Z:

DeShaun Davis on D.  Walk on kicker turned receiver on offense

Ryan Sterritt:

Holsey and Deshaun Davis both had fantastic games. Offensively... Nobody had a standout game, so I'll go Kodi Burns. There's still work to do with the WR's, particularly blocking, but that was the best I've seen that group play in a while. Almost every catchable ball was caught, and they generally did a good job of getting open.

Son of Crow:

Deshaun Davis is the player of the game overall. Anytime a linebacker gets his name said that many times during a tv broadcast, you know he is having a huge impact. On offense, I think Kerryon Johnson is the choice. He is one (I think) bad review away from having one of the great catches in auburn history on that wheel route. If that's ruled a catch and auburn punches that in from the 1, we all have a completely different vibe about this offense.


Almost everyone has said Deshaun Davis, so I'm going to go with Nick Ruffin. With Stephen Roberts out, Ruffin really stepped up at Safety. He led the team in tackles, came back from an injury during the game, and was a big part of the secondary's performance.

But, yeah, Deshaun Davis and the linebacking corps, in general, were awesome. Maybe I should go with Travis Willians (or Kevin Steele) as the MVP.

On offense, I'm going to say Will Hastings. He was targeted four times that I remember. He caught three of them for 29 yards and drew a pass interference coming back for the 4th. I'll take that.