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Link sAUsage: 7 September 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet

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The entire 2016-17 basketball schedule is out, now. It's going to be a tough run, but the Tigers have the talent to get through it and make it to the post season if they can put it together on the court.


Jesse Earl was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week for her performances last week.


Blake got us started on another day packed with stories on the site with his TAKES. They're worth the read, as always.

Peggy's Undercover Barner is trying to figure out exactly what its identity is at the moment. That's pretty much how the Auburn offense is, too. Hopefully both will know what they are by next week (and be in a good place)!

Gus met with the media to answer questions about that offensive identity, yesterday. He spoke on Stephen Roberts' suspension, much less rotation of QBs, and much more!

WarRoom Eagle returned with an article on Gus Malzahn's admittance that the 3-QB system was just not going to work. It's a 12 step program on getting over constant substituting.

A bunch of the staff here weighed in on who we felt were the players of the game for the Tigers against Clemson. There seemed to be a pretty good consensus on who the defensive player of the week, was.

Auburn isn't at the very bottom of the ESPN blog's power rankings, but they're in the bottom half. That's due to the offense, of course, as I think everyone was impressed with the Tigers' defense last Saturday night.