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Link sAUsage: 9 September 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Conference play opens for the Tiger, tonight. They'll be playing Vanderbilt at home at 6pm Central. The game will also be broadcast nationally on the SEC Network.


Somehow in my rush to complete this yesterday, I left off Ryan Sterritt's "Sterritt Score" article from Wednesday afternoon. Be sure to check out his thoughts on the first week of the season and how those games may eventually affect his rankings system.

We did a Q&A with the website, which covers the Group of 5 teams, about the Arkansas State game. See what they had to say about this year's Red Wolves. And, no, the horrible non-contrasting uniforms aren't coming with them this season.

The "History Repeating" series continues on this week! Things didn't work out the way Drew thought they might last week, but he's pretty sure he's got a decent bead on how this one might relate!

More has come to light in the Jovon Robinson saga. It appears that a woman who initially made claims about domestic violence later recanted her story and said she made it up. It's important to note that this wasn't the lone thing that led to Gus Malzahn's decision two weeks later, but you can bet it did play a part. The good news is that it looks like the University (and Gus) did the right thing with how they handled the complaint. In today's environment, I'm proud of them for that.

It sure didn't take long for people to start writing about Will Hastings, did it? And the praise is much deserved. Hastings was targeted four times in last Saturday's game. All four plays resulted in 1st downs (three catches and one pass interference). It wasn't just his sure hands that should catch your eye, though. It's that first move. He made the first man miss and gained an extra 2-3 yards almost every time.

How did the 9 newcomers who saw the field Saturday night fare? Well, some of them had quite the night. Some of them didn't and were upset about it.

Ryan Aplin, one of Gus Malzahn's former quarterbacks and a graduate assistant on Auburn's staff for 2014 and 2015 spoke to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer about last Saturday's game, how Malzahn chooses a quarterback, and how he thinks the offense can still turn around and be great.

Woody Barrett may still see snaps this season, but I'm guessing it's highly unlikely. The freshman sustained an injury in Fall Camp that limited him the last two weeks of practice prior to the Clemson game.