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Link sAUsage: 11 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet.

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A win? A WIN! The Tigers went to Columbia to take on Missouri and while the game was much more harrowing than we wanted, it's still nice to get the 77-72 victory over the Other Other Tigers.


Auburn Softball's rise to power can be laid at the feet of many people over the last few seasons. Branndi Melero, Emily Carosone, Jade Rhodes, Tiffany Howard, Lexi Davis, Rachael Walters, and others have all moved on. This will be Kasey Cooper's final year on the Plains, and she's looking to cement the final piece of their legacy with a championship.


I could (and probably still well) write a post-mortem of the 2016 football season. I don't think I have a way to better express my thoughts on it than Jerry Hinnen did, though. I agree 100% with everything he said.

Auburn finished the 2016 football season ranked in both major polls. Because of that, they're seeing expectations already being set for next season.

SECCountry is taking a way too early look at next season's depth chart on offense. I plan on doing that as well, but I'm going to wait until after signing day when we know who will be joining the team from this year's recruiting class.

Clemson is reeling in some big fish on the recruiting trail and they're set to open an unbelievable football facility very soon. See why Auburn may have something to do with that. And then think about how Auburn really desperately needs to step up its game in the facilities race.

There's been a lot of question about the status of 5* recruit Calvin Ashley. Auburn really wants to hold on to him. Maryland really wants to flip him. He reaffirmed his commitment on Twitter the other day, but last night he went even further to assuage the fears of Tigers fans.