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Link sAUsage: 13 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Being down 17 points on the road should be a nail in the coffin. For Coach Flo's ladies, though, it was far from it. They bounced back in Nashville to overcome the deficit and knock off the Commodores 64-59.


The ladies take on Georgia tonight in their second meet of the season. There is plenty of motivation, including continuing to build on last year's first-ever victory in Athens. See the debut of the team's new leotards in this video.


After a good tournament run last year, the women are picked 4th in the SEC for the 2017 season.


So just how much truth is there to the story that Gus Malzahn can't develop quarterbacks? We've got an excellent fan post that examines that very question.

We're still waiting on a new offensive coordinator. According to multiple outlets, we can at least rest assured that we're not going to have to deal with either of the Briles. I've seen plenty of fans try to justify this with "it's all about winning" and saying "they don't have as high a 'moral compass'" as others. I feel really sad for those people.

What former Tigers are still alive in the NFL Playoffs and how did they perform? See for yourself!

While he did all sorts of amazing things on the field, Bo Jackson said that if he knew what we know today about the potential dangers of football, he would have stuck only with baseball. There's part of me that wishes he had done that in his professional career, as he was likely set for an amazing and Hall of Fame worthy run through baseball.