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Link sAUsage: 16 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


Our beloved mascot finished 2nd in the mascot championships this weekend. In the last decade, he's never finished outside of the Top 2. I'm convinced they have someone else win it every other year on general principle. It really does affirm that he's the greatest mascot in college sports, though.


The score looks bad, but I'm actually ok with the way Auburn Basketball's trip to Kentucky went. Sure, it was a 92-72 loss. However, UK had only been held under 90 points four times, so holding them to 92 is impressive by itself. Then, there's how tough Auburn played even without Purifoy. If the team can build on that game, the rest of the season could go much better.


Our ladies are killing it on the practice fields and getting ready for the upcoming season. If you were worried about replacing the bats of Jade Rhodes and Emily Carosone, I can tell you that you shouldn't worry too much.


For some Sunday musings, I decided to take a look at the concept of just what good it does us to keep Gus Malzahn as the head coach if it's not going to be his offense and him running it.

Wanting to know about the offensive coordinator? If there's not one announced by noon, I'll probably have an article up with some thoughts on it. If it is announced before noon, I'll probably already have the article written because I think I have a good idea of who the main targets are and will have brief things written on them. I watched one of the possible targets' offense in person in a bowl game in late December and was quite impressed.