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Auburn Offensive Coordinator Search Update: 20 January 2017

Where do things stand?

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Made you click!

Ok, I'm not just going to leave it at that, but with all of the information that is out there, it would pretty much suffice. We're over a week into the search and all we know is that two candidates have "pulled themselves out" of the list.

The problem is, we don't know why. They, of course, aren't going to say. .If they weren't chosen or if Auburn decided they didn't want to pay the hefty buyout, then they're not going to say "I was in it, but they decided they didn't want me."

We also don't know who, exactly, is on the "list." I think many still feel like Chip Lindsey is someone Gus wanted and he's ultimately the person Gus will target. I'd be fine with that, personally. Brandon Marcello still says Auburn is "aiming high," but we don't really know what that means.

I think it means Lincoln Riley. Some who claim to know in that thread say that, as well. I don't see Riley leaving Oklahoma, but I can't fault Gus - at all - for trying to get him. Riley would be the grand slam home run hire.

Auburn fans are, of course, quick to panic since the search has been going on this long. There's the "this is 2012 all over again!" talk out there. I don't think we're at that level; I think Gus will get someone good, even if it's not the big splash that some hope for.

I will admit that I am not happy with the way this has played out, so far. Lashlee left shortly after school started. I don't think that's a coincidence. I can't remember NCAA rules, but since he'd signed an LOI I don't think Stidham could have backed out of his pledge, but it's also obvious that Lashlee wasn't going to leave until after classes began and he was locked in. That reeks of being disingenuous. Maybe he knew about it, though. I don't know. I just hate the way it appears to have played out.

I still think we have a name before the end of the weekend. If we don't, then it may be even longer - possibly even after signing day - before there's resolution.

One thing is certain, though, from the coaching searches we've experienced under Gus. He's one of the best at playing his cards close to the vest and not letting information get out.

Hopefully, it ends soon. For the sake of all of our sanities.