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Link sAUsage: 25 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The less we talk about that game, the better. That was just downright horrible. The Tigers were destroyed in Columbia, falling 69-98 to the Gamecocks.

Bruce was, well, not happy about the way things went.

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

In a testament to hard work, Robert Leff was added to the Senior Bowl roster, today. Leff went from a near-forgotten figure to being the "6th OL" in 2015 to starting at tackle for Auburn in 2016 and being consistently rated as one of the better linemen in the conference by various people. Here's to hoping he fulfills his dream. I'm sure it seemed a long shot just two years ago to him. Now it's right there for the taking.

One of the other Tigers there in Mobile, Montravius Adams, is aiming to prove he's the best defensive lineman in town. From early reports, it sounds like he's definitely been turning some heads.

Judging from this headline, the Montgomery Advertiser is already counting out Sean White in the quarterback race. I'm not saying I think White will win the starting job - I think Stidham will win it; particularly now that it's a new system - but I do think White is going to put up one heck of a fight for it.