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Link sAUsage: 26 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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USC's head coach Frank Martin had some good things to say about Auburn freshman Austin Wiley. He's already proven a handle for a number of teams, and Martin thinks he'll be as much or more of a handle for others in the SEC.

This Week in Auburn Hoops describes the ups and downs that were the last week of Auburn basketball. It was fun, it was amazing, it was awful.


The ladies have a busy weekend ahead of them. The season hasn't started quite as they've wanted it to, but it's a very young squad with a very bright future ahead of them.


In a "well, yeah, saw that coming" move, Kasey Cooper is First Team Pre-Season All-SEC.


The mothership listed their ten worst games of the season in the Read Option and Auburn has a game on the list! I'm betting it's not one you would expect, though. Personally, I thought that game was AWESOME.

It's not quite the North Endzone project, but a much-needed renovation is coming to parts of Jordan-Hare. The home locker rooms are getting a makeover and a new press box will be built. That will also allow for more suites to be built in the area where the current press box resides, I believe.

It's behind the paywall, unfortunately, but WarRoom Eagle went in-depth on Chip Lindsey's offense. In case you've forgotten, AU_Jonesy looked at his offense for us the other day.'s Justin Ferguson did the same (with no paywall). All three came up with very similar observations, so with some combination of all of them, I think you can get a fair assessment of what Auburn's new offensive coordinator brings to the table.

Are you ready for spring football? Well, you won't have long to wait! Auburn will return to the practice fields for spring drills starting at the end of February. A-Day will still fall in April, though. Gus likes to spread his spring practices out over a number of weeks and usually with a break for Auburn's Spring Break in the middle.

Gus updated the status on some of the Tigers' injured players while visiting the Senior Bowl. John Franklin III's hand issues during the Sugar Bowl weren't a new thing, but they were worse than he'd experienced before. Braden Smith should be ready to go by Spring. Sean White, however, is still an unknown with his broken forearm.