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Link sAUsage: 31 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports


Auburn has more of a connection to the Super Bowl than just a few players playing in it. There is also one of Auburn's primary grounds people helping to make sure that the turf in Houston is in perfect shape for the game. That's pretty cool and also very justified when you consider how beautiful Jordan-Hare Stadium looks every game.


The official site has a feature on Mustapha Heron and his improved defensive play as part of the Tigers' recent success. Heron really is the complete player.

The Tigers are playing a Tennessee team who is coming in hot off a few very good victories. Bruce Pearl knows that and is preparing his team for the challenge.


Normally I like Wesley Sinor and his Auburn stuff. In another example of " Headlines," though, there's this one: "Auburn JUCO Target Commits to Bowling Green." He didn't have a committable offer from Auburn, so a headline that makes it sound like someone Auburn wanted instead went to Bowling Green is more than a little misleading.

Sorry for the lack of stuff, here, but I've been swamped getting signing day pre-writes done as well as preparing other things I've got going on, and there also just weren't that many stories out there. So, this is all ya get today until the "How to Watch and Preview" post goes up for the Basketball game this afternoon.