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Auburn Thumped By Vanderbilt 80-61

That was ugly.

This guy went off on Auburn, tonight.
This guy went off on Auburn, tonight.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Outside of the first 8-10 minutes of the game, Auburn kept up with Vanderbilt fairly well in spite of the extremely poor effort on defense, bad rebounding, and Vandy draining every single shot in sight.

There's just one problem. In that first portion of the first half, the Commodores jumped out to a 24-4 lead.

When you think of that - and how bad Auburn looked all night - it really is amazing that Auburn only lost by 19.

Coming off an extremely disappointing end to the first SEC game of the season against Georgia, there was some hope that the Tigers would come back strong and break the curse of Vanderbilt's Memorial Gymnasium. That was most definitely not the case. Auburn was still taking the bad shots and poorly thought out transition threes. Vanderbilt, meanwhile, was hitting every shot in sight.

Matthew Fisher-Davis led the Commodores with his incredible three-point shooting. He finished the night with 33 total points and was 7-11 from downtown. The rest of the Vandy team was also converting at an incredible rate. To be fair, though, it's fairly easy to do that when you have so many wide open shots.

Auburn, again, was led by the freshman threesome of Harper, Heron, and Purifoy. The trio finished with 19, 13, and 10 points respectively. To show you how bad the rest of the team was at shooting, tonight, the next best scorer for the Tigers was Austin Wiley with 6.

If this were a good Vanderbilt team, a close loss at their place wouldn't be so troubling. This is an average Vandy team, though, and they made Auburn look like one of the worst teams in the nation.