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Link sAUsage: 5 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Last night was... less than fun. Ok, let's be straight, it sucked. The Tigers were walloped by Vandy 80-61.

The ladies open up the conference home slate with #5 South Carolina tonight on the Plains. That's going to be quite a tough home game to start off with as the Gamecocks have been quite the team over the last few years.


The 8th ranked Tigers open the 2017 gymnastics season this Friday night at Auburn Arena. It's going to be a big meet against the 13th ranked Beavers of Oregon State.


Carl Lawson is heading to the NFL. I don't think that shocks anyone. It was quit2.5-year5 year career for Lawson on the Plains, and we wish him the best of luck. He's leaving with a lot of good memories.

In excellent news, Braden Smith is going to return for his senior season next Fall. Auburn's offensive line has a ton of potential going into the 2017 season. It's liable to be anchored by two Princes on the edges (unless Calvin Ashley is ready to play from the start), Smith and Horton at the Guard spots, and Golson at Center.

Ten Tigers redshirted this season. See who they are here. Some of them actually played this year but may receive medical redshirts.

Alex Kozan has been through a lot at Auburn. He's one of the few who was in Auburn even for the 2012 season when he redshirted. He spoke of the lessons he learned in that time.

It's interesting that Jeremy Johnson says he's looking forward to being "coached up a little more" once he leaves Auburn. I have a lot of respect for Jeremy, but if that's his thought process, then I can't help but wonder why he stuck around this year rather than going elsewhere. I'm sure he believes in his ability, but I have trouble believing being "coached up" was his problem considering what White was able to do with the same coaching.