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Link sAUsage: 9 January 2017

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Saturday night's game didn't go as well as we hoped with the loss, but there were still some good things since the Tigers bounced back from falling down by 12 points in the 2nd half after leading by 8 at the end of the 1st. They fell to Ole Miss 85-88 after a last-second shot failed to convert.

Speaking of losing games, Drew posted his This Week in Auburn Basketball Saturday afternoon. He's right in that everything over the last week has been terrible.

One good note from basketball, Mustapha Heron has set an Auburn record by scoring in double-digits in his first 15 games as a Tiger.

The women got a small measure of revenge for the men, though. They stomped the Rebels 83-60.


#8 Auburn fell to #13 Oregon State Friday night in the opening meet of the season. The Tigers were putting a whole lot of new faces on the floor to start the 2017 season.


The Tigers have a new defensive backs coach. They snagged Greg Brown from Mizzou. Brown has been all over the last the last few years and coached 3 Thorpe Award winners in his career.

See the early thoughts of Auburn's wide receivers about incoming QB Jarrett Stidham.

Personally, I'm not going be watching the game tonight. If you are, you can read what Auburn's head coach thinks about the two teams since Auburn was the only team to play both of them this season. Let that sink in a bit. Two of Auburn's 5 losses were to the final two teams in the championship. One of the other losses was to a team that was still a P5 conference champion and just on the outside looking in. Texas A&M we played when they were still in the annual "September Bad Ass Mode." The Georgia loss was inexplicable even with the injuries, but there were issues there that made it much harder. So, all-in-all, the outlook on 2016 for Auburn is even more frustrating. Maybe I'll write more about why later.