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Postgame Snap Judgments - Auburn vs Mississippi State

49-10... is that good? Did we break it?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

That sure was something, wasn’t it?? Auburn beat Mississippi State 49-10 in the SEC home opener at Jordan-Hare Stadium, putting the Tigers at 4-1 overall, 2-0 in conference play. As we get further and further along in this season, that loss at Clemson looks not only better, but fixable as well. If we keep moving at this pace, who knows if we’ll see them again.

But let’s focus on last night. What were the immediate takeaways from our people?


Sure does feel like our Tigers have come a loooooooong way since that Clemson game. Still don't have everything down, but at least we're having some fun! WDE!


Tonight was a glimpse of what I think we all expected our Tigers to look like this season. Offense was variable and less predictable leading to very balanced stat sheet. Stidham looked much more comfortable and composed in the pocket. Defense was what we know and love. Fast, physical, dominant. Ole’ Hef could have just watched tape of our defense instead of popping so much Viagra.


I am so disappointed.....that we didn’t go for 2 and the fifty-burger. Dan Mullen deserved every bit of that. Man that was fun.


Still concerned about what’s happening (or not happening) with the run game. Not sure what’s going on with Carlson at home.

But, the defense is more amazing each week and the offense looks to be getting better and better. Stidham looks more like what we all expected. Receivers are stepping up. The play calling is even exciting more often than not.

Beating miss state is always good, but that was fun as hell.


Am I crazy or did Casey Dunn make a huge difference in the play of the O line? State was never in the game.

Pettway is injured and KJ isn't 100%, but things are looking way up for this team.

Anyway else having Nick Marshall flashbacks?


They fixed the problems! After last year we know what injuries can do and inconsistency happens but barring something weird it's easy to see Auburn rolling into Georgia 8-1. The running backs clearly aren't 100% but the SEC is down this year and Auburn is pretty good. Let's see if we can keep up this level of offensive performance through October.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!- Ric Flair voice.

100 points in the last two Sec games? I think that’s a good thing. The crowd was into it, making a difference on defense and causing snap count issues for the Bulldogs. That was awesome.

We got ourselves a football team this season, y’all. And even more: we got ourselves a dang quarterback or two. Stidham throws a catchable ball that makes me worried this is the only season we have with him.


Oh MAN, that was fun. Regardless of what you think of State, you gotta be impressed by 49-10. Even if you want to say there were two garbage time touchdowns, we more than tripled the spread. Sure, the run game is still frustrating (it's starting to look like only Malik Miller and Devan Barrett are healthy), but between the creative play-calling and the dynamite connection between Stidham and his receivers, this offense looks like one of the better ones in the SEC.

*Copy/Paste* Defense you are awesome and terrifying so never change. Seriously though, as much as we drool over the front 7, I don't know if AU has ever been this deep at corner. When Dean and Dinson are our 3/4 guys, and I still am excited to see them on the field... I don't know man, I just never expected that from an Auburn defense.

Note to the haterz: if the awful playcalling/under-performance of the offense was Gus's fault, then you have to give him credit for it turning around.


Full confession, I was at the Tennessee-Georgia game this weekend (my wife is a Vol fan) and so I didn’t get to see the first quarter or so until we left and found a restaurant for dinner. Listening to Rod in traffic on the way out of Knoxville was a joy, as he gave a couple of the really good “Touchdooooooooown Auburrrrrrrrn” calls that mean we look good.

This game was never in doubt, however, and our defense proved once again that it’s a top five unit in the nation. Still we’re the only team to not allow more than 14 points, and the offense has started to really work on the big plays. In the past two games, I think Stidham’s got eight completions of more than 40 yards. That’s insane.

The schedule looks fantastic for us right now, as well. Our next two opponents got A) beaten by 63 points and B) lost to Troy. We’ll be a solid top ten team if we get by LSU on the road, and then likely top five if we can roll into Georgia at 8-1.

Let’s enjoy this one and avoid the dreaded 11 AM kickoff curse next weekend.

War Eagle, everyone.