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Staff Predictions - Auburn @ LSU

Oh I hope with all my hope that we win in Baton Rouge for the first time since last millennium.

Let’s get right to it, Auburn plays at LSU tomorrow, and on the line is an eighteen-year home winning streak for the Bayou Bengals. This, however, is the best team that Auburn’s had compared to one of the weaker teams that LSU has had. In all other years that Auburn visited Death Valley, I don’t know if we could say that we had the better team. Out of the eight games played there since 1999, five times we met the SEC West Champion (2001, 03, 05, 07, 11), and the other years were Chizik’s first year, Gus’ first year, and the 2015 revenge extravaganza. Not ideal.

So, how will we fare? Let’s find out.


I can't decide if LSU winning last week is a good thing or bad thing. Sure, it shows they have some life left in them, but maybe it takes away some of the urgency for them to go get a big conference win? Regardless, we haven't won in Red Stick in my memory... I'm serious, I was 4 years old last time. That being said, if this year can't break the curse, Auburn should just forfeit all future games on the Bayou.

The defense lays the wood, Stidham goes for 300. 31-17 Auburn. Smoke em if you got em.


Stidham keeps on being the second coming of Troy Aikman and throws more touchdowns than incompletions again. I am more excited about the passing ability of an Auburn QB than I have been since Jason Campbell. Auburn 38 LSU 14.


I don’t think LSU can play with Auburn if Auburn operates at the level we saw in the first half of The Ole Miss game. They’re soft up front and Auburn should be able to run the ball, setting up play action for Stidham.

LSU has a recent history of bad quarterbacks that have been masked by great running backs. Guice is good, but he’s no Fournette. Etling is a train wreck right now.

Death Valley may keep it close for a while, but Auburn is just better this year.

Auburn 31

LSU 14


Like I mentioned in my article last weekend, this game is going to very tricky for Auburn. On paper, there's no doubt Auburn should win this game, but there isn't a good history of games in Baton Rouge for team from the plains. However, there is no denying that the Tigers have been in scorching form over the past month and this should come into play on Saturday. Auburn 31-14 LSU.


Probably closer than we'd like for a while, but the defense holds strong in the second half and Auburn pulls away, 30-17.


Everything I have seen on film and on paper screams an AU victory, even A somewhat easy AU victory. LSU's OL has been demolished by injuries and attrition. The DL is banged up as well with superstar Arden Key looking far from his usual self. Offensively, Etling isn't much a of a threat to push the ball down the field, there are no scary WRs in this offense and Derrius Guice just don't look the same with his nagging injury. Yet despite all that, I am incredibly nervous about this game. Auburn has started fast in SEC play this year and that will need to continue. This LSU group is mentally soft, so punch em in the mouth early and they will lay down. But as we saw against UF, if you don't, they have some real fight. I am finally going to just believe in this team and hope it doesn't get me burned. Auburn wins 41-13.


I’m going to echo what Nerd said above me — LSU doesn’t have an offensive line, and based on the fact that it took their best effort of the year to score 17 on Florida, I don’t see them doing much against our defense.

They’re not quite as talented as they’ve been on offense in the past either. Derrius Guice is fantastic, but he’s limping around. There aren’t receivers that can burn us, and Etling has trouble hitting them if they do get open. LSU’s offense moves the ball if the perfect storm happens tomorrow for Auburn’s defense.

On the other side, if we hit a big run or a deep ball early, this LSU team will be playing from behind without any way to come back. We’ll take away their offense’s ability to be multiple, and the defensive line will feast on Etling as he’s trusting two freshmen to protect him on the edges.

I hate being optimistic. HATE IT. It’s time to get over that, and stop being such a chicken little.

Auburn 38, LSU 6. Let’s go.