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Other CFB Games - Week 7

A whole zero games featuring ranked teams playing on another? Expect chaos.

LSU v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We have zero ranked teams meeting other ranked teams this weekend, but there are several important games on the landscape, and in the SEC, it’s going to be a good opportunity to learn more about the teams coming up on our schedule.

Let’s dive right in.

South Carolina @ Tennessee - 11 AM CST - Knoxville, TN

The latest in Butch Jones’ arsenal of cheesy sayings is “leadership rep”, which I’m not really sure has an applicable meaning on the football field, and especially not when you’re coming off of a shutout loss at home to a division rival. Thankfully for the Vols, they had a week off to get right, but it may not matter after the Gamecocks ruined Arkansas last weekend to get in rhythm. Will Muschamp is actually doing alright, sitting at 4-2 right now, and I don’t think his train will derail tomorrow. Tennessee may as well make the announcement that Butch is gone and start looking for his replacement. Tee Martin and Jim Bob Cooter will be head coaches before too long, and you don’t want to be left looking at to the AAC for your next head coach.

Texas A&M @ Florida - 6 PM CST - Gainesville, FL

Here are two teams coming off of close (sort of) and physical losses. Florida lost at home to LSU, no doubt because they waited too late to invoke the Tom Petty mojo hand, while Texas A&M piddled around too long against Alabama and didn’t open it up in time to threaten the Tide. By all accounts, the Aggies got out with a total moral victory, losing by only eight to Bama, and they may have exposed Bama’s offensive shortcomings a bit as well. Still, they lost. And now they’ll play Florida, who will likely succeed in muddying up this game enough to make it nigh unwatchable. I believe that West > East, so I pick the Aggies in a gross game. Kellen Mond is going to be really good, but he’ll make some freshman mistakes. Hopefully a bunch of them come in a few weeks when Auburn visits.

Arkansas @ Alabama - 6:15 PM CST - Tuscaloosa, AL

Pain. I’m sorry, Arkansas. It’s going to be bad. The Hogs gave the ball up time and again last week in a big loss to South Carolina, and they’ll likely do it again against a much better defense tomorrow. Alabama will take advantage, beat up the bacon, and set them up for slaughter next week when Auburn comes to town. Bielema’s actually had alright success when playing Alabama, outside of his first year when they got blasted 52-0. Other than that, it’s been close for the most part until the Tide tacks on a late score. This will not be one of those years. The odds are that Arkansas’ is at 2-5 after the next two games, and that won’t bode well for Bielema once the season’s over.

Missouri @ Georgia - 6:30 PM CST - Athens, GA

I’m not as impressed with Georgia as everyone else is right now. I don’t think their offense is good enough to keep up with someone a little more explosive (like us), and I don’t think they’ve played a great defense yet. What are their hallmark wins this year? A one-point win at Notre Dame? That’s a pretty good win, but it was early in the year. Other than that... the evisceration of Tennessee? Yeah okay. There are probably 10-15 teams that would do that to the Vols. Missouri won’t provide any challenge at all, but maybe against a team that has the ability to throw the ball a bit more, we’ll see a bit more stress on the Bulldog defense. I still don’t think they’ll be tested until the Cocktail Party, and then when they come to visit us.

I would dive into the non-conference games, but there’s really no telling where to go. Texas-Oklahoma could be interesting, but Texas has been hit or miss in terms of which side of the ball plays well each time out, and Oklahoma may just come out mad tomorrow.

Oregon and Stanford could be fun, but the Ducks are without their starting quarterback. Baylor probably won’t surprise Oklahoma State. Michigan will roll over Indiana. Utah and USC might be one of the more fun games tomorrow night, but I don’t know much about the Utes. It’ll be a crap shoot to see where the excitement comes from tomorrow, so just tune in to as much college football as possible. Do it. DO IT.

War Eagle.