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Snap Judgments - Auburn @ LSU

I ain’t over it yet.

Auburn v LSU Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s taken me pretty much an entire day to process that. Auburn led 20-0 at LSU and ended up losing 27-23. Auburn scored as many points in the second half as you did, and only gained 64 more yards. You probably hit that yardage going back and forth to the dark liquor in the second half yesterday. I know I did.

Anyway, this is one of the tougher losses I can remember as an Auburn fan in some years, and probably tantamount to what the LSU fans felt last year, so I guess we had it coming. I still feel we have the better team and we win that game 9 times out of 10, but man.

How did our contributors feel about that one? Let’s run down the complaints. There were many.


That was bad. Once Casey Dunn went out, nothing worked on offense. Still not sure why we don’t give Martin more carries. Our receivers saved up a month’s worth of drops for one game. LSU made big plays when they had to.

Gus will never be loved at Auburn. I’m ok with him coaching out the season (because who could we realistically get now) but if he loses two more, I doubt he’ll be back.


This is what you get when you play not to lose. Kerryon was amazing. So many chances to put the game away squandered.

It’ll take me a while to get over this one. One of the worst collapses I’ve ever witnessed.


I don't know if I have any judgements. I'm not going to call for anyone's head right now. I'm not going to bash any of the players. Maybe a few days will give me some clarity, but as I'm sitting at a bar about to watch the UGA game with a bunch of Georgia fans, I'm just disappointed. And I have questions. What's the deal with Pettway? Why was there no intermediate passing game? Why could nobody catch? Why was there no edge on either side of the ball out of the half? How bad are Horton and Dunn hurt? What's going on with Kyle Davis? Who is the voodoo god of the Bayou and how many cigars do we need to sacrifice to him/her?

I don't know guys. I can't think about it anymore tonight.

This could be about like the 2014 Texas A&M game. This could take the bite out of the team for a while. Maybe a few games, maybe longer. I don't know. Ugh.


I'm angry. I'm sick. Overall, I'm just fed up.

Up 20-0 and then you can tell the play calling changed. It's like Chip was bossing things, we got up big, and Gus said "I'll take it from here." Went heavy wildcat. Completely forgot about short and intermediate passing. Everything I griped about after the Ole Miss game last week holds true for this game. I caught flack for complaining about letting off the gas and allowing the Rebs to make a run. Doing it in this game lost all momentum and cost us the game. Sure, Casey Dunn getting hurt didn't help, but when the play calling changed is when everything went to shit.

Pettway was ineffective and appears to still be far from 100%. Why didn't we see other backs? Where was Martin? Where has Barrett been the past two weeks? Why so many deep balls forced to Slayton? You don't have to launch it 30 yards downfield every time. What happened to our defense? That felt like the worst tackling game we've had in 2 years. DBs still won't look back for the ball and it's still maddening.

Gus' post game comments show a clear lack of self awareness. Get ready to see this story play out again at Arkansas next week.


Dammit Auburn


No comment


I pretty much said everything I wanted to in the recap last night, but this was one of the worst losses I can remember as an Auburn fan. Off the top of my head, Georgia last year was terrible, Texas A&M 2014 was bad, but before that, I think maybe some loss to LSU in the Tuberville era was the last one. We hadn’t really lost games with a ton on the line to teams that we should beat all that much. We’d pretty much been just plain beaten.

It’s the way it happened yesterday. As soon as LSU got momentum on that long run, I knew we were in trouble. Every break went their way. If Daniel Thomas picks off that ball, we win. If they don’t get that 4th and goal touchdown, we win. If that block in the back on the punt return is called, we win. Everything went wrong once the first quarter ended, and it still took them until the final couple of minutes to actually take the lead.

It looked exactly like the Clemson game after the first fifteen minutes. When Gary Danielson is pointing out the wide open lanes if Stidham pulls the ball on a zone read and it’s never called, it’s a problem. When we throw at the same DB that seemed to have it in for our offense on every play, it’s a problem. It looked like a Gus-called offensive game.

We’ll beat Arkansas next week because they’re awful. Texas A&M will be a dogfight, and then it’s Georgia at home. I still don’t think the Bulldogs are anything to write home about. We’ve got time to steady ourselves, but like I said yesterday, Gus needs to win out to get my full support. It’s all or nothing. Beat the Bulldogs at home and beat Alabama at home and I take my doubts back. Other than that, I want us to find someone else. The only caveat is that I have no idea who that would be. A different discussion for a different day.

War Eagle anyway.