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Auburn Tigers Moving Forward

Similar problems reared up this past weekend at LSU.

It definitely was not fun watching Auburn on Saturday and for many reasons. Let’s get straight into it.

1. The playcalling

I was on Twitter livetweeting throughout the entire game and right when the Tigers went up 20-0, I tweeted “this is the part where Auburn get conservative and gives up the game, right?” It’s pretty crazy how us fans are able to call it before we see it. Something has to change, whether that be letting someone else call plays, or just changing up plays in general, this can’t continue. It was pretty much just run, run, pass, punt and repeat. There was 0 creativity or fluidity in the offense, just a very bland and vanilla offense, which I have said multiple times throughout this season.

2. The wide receivers

Watching Stidham hold the ball for longer than he has to on every play because the receivers can’t get open is getting pretty old and frustrating. The receivers aren’t talented enough to create separation. Point, blank, period. You’ll see guys make some nice plays once in a while, but there are no guys on the team that can consistently get open and it’s starting to become extremely evident. At this point, I am praying Malzahn and the staff start recruiting some wide receivers and make sure that’s the first priority.

3. Lack of forced turnovers

Okay, this is going to sound like I’m complaining, but I’m really not. Hear me out. Auburn’s defense is easily top 10 in the country. They have allowed only 15 PPG, which is top 10, however, they rarely force turnovers. This is not taking away from how spectacular they’ve been, but rather something I have noticed recently. An interception, a pick six, something that shifts the momentum could be huge for a struggling offense.

These are things I have paid a lot of attention to since week 1 and they have all gotten increasingly worrisome. However, the 3rd one doesn’t worry me as much as 1 and 2. This Auburn football team is incredibly talented and for them to have lost two games the way they did makes it that much more frustrating. The Tigers play at Arkansas and at Texas A&M in their next two games, these could be two great games to get the team’s confidence up before that huge match-up against the Georgia Bulldogs. After a loss like Auburn just took, it’ll show the fans what type of team we are rooting for: a team that will battle and overcome obstacles or a team that will just completely fold when adversity presents itself.

War Eagle.