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Link sAUsage: Another Dominating Victory

October 2, 2017

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

We’re now more than a third of the way through the college football season (goes fast doesn’t it?), and Auburn sits pretty much where many people thought they would. The Tigers are 4-1, 2-0 in the SEC, and both conference wins have been blowouts. Auburn’s won its first two league games by an average of 38 points, and looks just as good as the two top five teams in the SEC. The only difference is that those teams haven’t played anyone as good as Auburn has out of conference.

The Tigers checked in at #12 in the AP Poll yesterday, surpassing the spot where they were to begin the year, even with a loss at maybe the best team in the country. Clemson keeps on winning in impressive fashion, this past weekend dismantling Virginia Tech. It looks better and better that Auburn held them to just 14 points, considering the offense at the time providing no help. Five weeks in, Auburn’s still the only team in the country yet to allow more than 14 points in a game.

But it’s the offense that’s gotten better and better, with the deep ball becoming a standard over the past couple of games.

Thanks to Stidham and the offensive resurgence after Clemson, more and more people around the country are starting to take notice.

We certainly liked the way things looked on Saturday, with Mississippi State never really in the ball game, so what did Dan Mullen think of the game?

And after a great Saturday, Auburn fans got to witness a good Sunday as well (if you’re Panthers/Cam fans), as our boy went up toe Foxboro and scored a huge upset, finding himself in the process.

However, things weren’t quite as clean for another former Tiger. After last week’s three-sack outing against Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay, Carl Lawson had an interesting time trying to get pressure on Cleveland quarterback Deshone Kizer.

Mondays, man. Ole Miss in five days. War Eagle.