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Staff Predictions - Auburn @ Arkansas

As a group we don’t seem as high on the Tigers as we did last week...

NCAA Football: Auburn at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, game day is here in the majestic Ozarks. Auburn’s coming off of an epic collapse at LSU, wherein we saw the Tigers ruin their shot at breaking a miserable losing streak in Baton Rouge. Meanwhile, Arkansas doesn’t have its starting quarterback, and got run at the hands of the filthy Tide last weekend.

Should be an easy win for us, right? Maybe. We’ll have to see how Auburn responds — the loss could be the hate fuel that spurs us on to a strong finish, or the slow-acting poison that takes hold and renders us feeble and weak by the end of the year, eventually killing the team (and Gus’ job by extension). This is a coaching game. We’re more talented in all regards, and should have no trouble. The only issue is in the mindset of the team. How will it shake out? Here are some thoughts.


Arkansas is very not good. If I’m Kevin Steele, I stack the box and dare this QB to try and beat us with his arm. Offense....idk whatever I don’t want to talk about it.

Auburn 31 Arkansas 10


I think our staff will overcompensate for last week’s failure. Auburn 38 Arkansas 17.


This will be an interesting week because we have no clue how Auburn responds. Arkansas is a bad football team and Auburn should be able to dispense with them rather quickly.

However, we said the same about LSU. College players tend to have short memories and should respond well. I’m not sure about the coaches, specifically the offensive coaches, respond to their second half train wreck.

I think this is a win, but a struggle.

Auburn 24

Bert’s Little Piggies 10


Should be a bounce back game for Auburn. I expect the offense to play how they did before the LSU game, if they don't, there should be a lot of changes. Ultimately, Auburn is much better and should win handedly.

Auburn 38-17 Arkansas


Not gonna lie, last week's loss took a lot of wind out of my sails. However, while Gus continues to show the same warts against more talented teams, he's also shown he can and will whoop Bielema. The Hogs only win over Malzahn was a wild 4 OT victory in 2015. I worry some about a hangover in this game but I think Gus's preferred strategy of run it up the middle will work just fine this week.

AU 38

Hogs 14


Auburn wins this game, but no one is that happy about it.

Auburn 41

Arkansas 21

Ryan Sterritt

I'm not super worried about this one. This is a game where we will just outclass Arkansas, and try to forget about our problems for a week or two. I think we can win this one with a vanilla game plan like we did to Arkansas, but I don't think it will tell us much about ourselves even if we do beat up on the Hogs.

41-14 Auburn


Arkansas may be just as bad as Mizzou. Gus says we've had the best week of practice all year and he's going to get things turned around. Who are we to doubt him? We should be up so much by halftime that no team could possibly score that much against our defense.

34-27 Tigers.

Editor’s note: I sense some sarcasm here.


Like I mentioned above, we’re better than Arkansas in pretty much every on-field aspect. The things that will play against us are a coach likely fighting for his job, at night, with a cornered team, in front of the home fans. That can be easily subdued should Auburn have another one of the fast starts we’ve seen over the past few weeks. We’ve led in every game this year, for the majority of each game I might add. The two times we failed to hold a lead were in Death Valleys. Reynolds Razorback Stadium is not Death Valley, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

With a couple of early scores to quiet the home crowd, Auburn should run away with this. I predicted 38-6 last week, and for about 18 minutes of the game that looked like a good score. I’m doubling down on that prediction today. Auburn wins 38-6, with Kerryon going for at least 150 and another two touchdowns. Efficient, quiet win in the mountains.

War Eagle.