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OTGs - Auburn 52, Arkansas 20

A tailback returns, a defender waxes on, and our backup backup quarterback shines.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Big win last night, everyone. Whether you’re one of the fans that thinks that “oh we should beat Arkansas that badly... wake me up when it’s Georgia or Alabama” or not, you can still enjoy a beatdown of a division opponent in their house.

And a beatdown it was.

Once again, Auburn started well by scoring on its first two drives, and we saw the emergence of Jarrett Stidham the runner, but the OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE GAME was a guy who we were all familiar with last year, but who’s been gone for the most part in 2017.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports


Kam Pettway got the hip-wigglin’, linebacker-jigglin’ ways back last night, scoring three touchdowns and running for 90 yards. He was the spark in the third quarter, and his short touchdown on the opening drive of the second half pretty much deflated the Razorbacks. His 38-yard score looked awfully similar to some of his longer runs from last year, where he showed off deceptive speed and just enough shake and bake to get away from the next level of defenders.

If Pettway’s back and healthy, this offense will take another step forward and we could see a renewed effort against Texas A&M in a couple weeks. Good to have you back in the fold, big man.

As impressive as Pettway was, there was a guy on the other side who had an even more impactful performance.

Jeff Holland is easily our DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE GAME from last night, with his three tackles that included 1.5 sacks and two forced fumbles. When he wasn’t bringing Cole Kelley to the ground, he was forcing the issue. He’s becoming a more than capable replacement for Carl Lawson, and right now he’s having a better season than Carl ever did on the Plains.

And as for our PLAY OF THE GAME, well there ain’t much discussion on this one. As Auburn opened the third quarter with two straight drives that ended in Kam Pettway touchdown runs, the lead had blossomed to 31-6. The less devoted were already heading to the exits, but then a savage playcall made the most fervently devoted question their faith in Fayetteville.

That’s our backup backup quarterback throwing for obscene touchdowns on your defense.

Good night, good win. War Eagle.