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Link sAUsage: Back on Track

October 23, 2017

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn heads into the bye week with plenty of time to prepare for Texas A&M and get healthy after a 52-20 victory over Arkansas on the road. We’ve still got one more conference road game to round out this three-game trip, but the bye week in the middle should help out. Texas A&M’s a weird team this year — Kellen Mond looks alternatively really good at times, and much like a freshman at times. Their defense is also hot and cold. It’s a good thing we’ve got two weeks to get ready.

However, there’s a lot to unwrap from the weekend. Let’s get to it.

First of all, Auburn rose to #19 in both polls, but for a closer look at how the Tigers placed in the AP, check out this nifty graphic.

Auburn was voted as high as #13, which I honestly think is about right. Most polls have us still behind NC State and USF, which I fully believe are worse teams than us.

If you’d like to check out the postgame radio interviews from Saturday night, listen here to Jarrett Stidham, Austin Golson, and Jeff Holland, all of whom had good games.

Speaking of Jarrett Stidham, he had his best game as a runner in the win over Arkansas, and he scored the game’s first touchdown, ending up with 49 yards on the ground. It was mostly new territory for him this year.

At the very least, it gives defenses something extra to think about in the RPO game.

It’s that variety that’ll allow Auburn to get even better in regard to big plays, where they’ve already been fantastic.

On the flip side, Auburn’s defense was killer Saturday night. For the most part, Jeff Holland was unstoppable, grabbing another couple of sacks on the evening and causing havoc in the backfield, harassing Cole Kelley all night long.

You could tell that the Tigers had a bit more tenacity on defense, and the coaches let them go a little wilder on the field. It’s the perfect time for them to get a little bit more of an edge.

Finally, my Seinfeld reference didn’t get nearly enough play last night, and I’m pretty disappointed.

You’re all monsters.

War Eagle.