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Link sAUsage: Coordinatin’

October 25, 2017

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn’s coordinators met with the media last night after they both had nice nights on Saturday calling the offense and defense against Arkansas. Chip Lindsey mixed things up more, and Kevin Steele’s defense allowed six points before garbage time, and that was with a fair amount of banged up players all around his unit.

First up, though, check out PFF’s offensive team of the week from the SEC. Couple of notable Auburn players make the cut.

Darius James has been one of the fairly constant mainstays on the Auburn offensive line, and even though he left the game with an injury (hopefully he’ll be ready for A&M), he graded out really well. For the line as a whole, it was another day, another lineup, and this one played really well in protecting Jarrett Stidham.

If we can get all three of those guys ready for the home stretch, it’ll be fantastic, especially now that we’ve got a healthy Pettway and a healthy Kerryon.

I very much enjoy that last nugget from Van. It’s kind of easy to forget about Al Borges being on staff, since he’s not visible on gamedays. We all remember how he mixed things up with that 2004 backfield, so I’d love to see us add some wrinkles down the stretch this year.

Alright, on defense, Auburn had another couple of entries on the PFF team of the week.

No surprises that Sensei Mud makes the list, but check Jamel Dean making an appearance. He played a quietly good ballgame Saturday night.

Speaking of Jeff Holland, Kevin Steele saw something that he’s never seen before from Auburn’s buck defensive end.

Holland wasn’t the only guy getting sacks against the Pigs, though... one of the newcomers made his presence felt, but not enough to shake a moniker bestowed upon him by the DC.

And finally, it’ll be great to get everyone back after the bye week (if we do), and the defense should become even better than it’s been. Thankfully, lots of younger players have gotten playing time as we build depth for Amen Corner.

War Eagle.