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Link sAUsage: Bye Week ‘n’ Basketball

October 26, 2017

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always a weird feeling not having a game to think about, or fret about, as we head into a Friday. Considering the fact that there’s absolutely no room for error moving forward, each and every game will be at maximum pressure cooker level, and they’ll only get tougher each week until the finale after Thanksgiving.

One of the nice things, however, is that we get to watch from the sidelines as other teams’ chances go up in flames. Ohio State can get a second loss and lose their shot at the division in the Big Ten. Notre Dame can sink or swim as they take on NC State. Georgia gets its first semi-test since going to South Bend several weeks ago. We can enjoy watching these teams sweat it out while Auburn can only benefit.

So, here are a couple of notes on basketball while we wait for football to resume.

I saw it noted somewhere on Twitter earlier today that neither Danjel Purifoy or Austin Wiley have been featured in any official Auburn basketball posts since Chuck Person’s arrest. So there’s that.

Where does that put the Tigers nationally? Some people are dedicated enough to rank ‘em all. All of ‘em!

#66 if you missed it.

Now to some football. We’ve seen the recognition roll in for some guys after last weekend, especially Jeff Holland. It’s no surprise that he’s been one of the top pass rushers in the conference, but it was really shocking to see how far ahead in certain categories he is.

And on the other side of the ball, Kerryon Johnson’s in pretty good company as well.

Finally tonight, we leave you with some #Chizdom. Our former coach has become a very entertaining follow on Twitter, and no matter how your Thursday’s going, he’ll bring some cheer.

Uh... War Eagle?