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The Official Unofficial College and Mag Survivor Pool - Week 9

Y’all are too good

Idaho v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It’s the last week of October, and we still have 23 contestants. I’ve got to say, I’m impressed! We’re about to hit the stretch run, though, and I know most of you have already used your money-in-the-bag picks. In fact, only one of y’all still has two of Bama, UGA, and Auburn still available, and that’s copper4eva. The rest of us are going to be picking off the scrap heap the rest of the way.

Also, congrats to the horde of you that took Missouri and lived to tell the tale! I think the rest of us that didn’t may be sorry, or at the very least picking them against UConn this week.

We’ve got an interesting slate this weekend. There’s a couple of games I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole (looking at you Cocktail Part), but that’s just me. With no Auburn or Alabama this weekend, feel free to sit back and relax. Happy picking.

Saturday, October 28th

11:00 AM

Arkansas (2-5) at Ole Miss (3-4)

2:30 PM

#3 UGA (7-0) vs Florida (3-3) in Jacksonville

3:00 PM

Vanderbilt (3-4) at South Carolina (5-2)

5:30 PM

Missouri (2-5) at UConn (3-4)

6:15 PM

Mississippi State (5-2) at Texas A&M (5-2)

6:30 PM

Tennessee (3-4) at Kentucky (5-2)

War Eagle!