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Link sAUsage: Player(s) of the Week

October 3, 2017

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday wasn’t the biggest news day in terms of college football, we had a lot more on our minds with the shocking images out of Vegas. Obviously, there are things more important than sports, and it yesterday was a good example of that. It’s always great to see people come together and help those in need, but it seems like we’re having to do that more and more often as of late, which is disheartening.

That said, we do have a couple items for you today. First of all, some news which really isn’t news came out about our game time for the trip down to Baton Rouge next weekend.

“Times and networks announced”... eh, kind of. Auburn will play LSU at either 2:30 CST on CBS, or 6:00 CST on ESPN/ESPN2 or 6:15 CST on ESPN/ESPN2. We played a day game in Baton Rouge in 2015 and 2011, but for the most part, it’s been a nighttime affair when Tigers meet in Death Valley.

LSU is coming off of that loss to Troy, and so Auburn could put an 0-2 mark on Ed O as far as games played against teams from this state go. Speaking of that loss to Troy, I found this funny.

In the win over Mississippi State, Auburn retooled the offensive line a bit and went with experience more than anything else, and it’s a recipe that’s gone well for Gus Malzahn in his time on the Plains.

But on the other side of the ball, a brand new starter has made a quick name for himself.

However, it wasn’t Holland who earned some nice recognition from the league for his play this past weekend, but another Auburn defensive lineman. Oh, and Jarrett Stidham, who’s quietly starting to put together a really impressive run.

Till tomorrow, War Eagle!