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View from the Booth - Auburn vs Mississippi State

Must’ve looked pretty good from up in the press box!

Patrick Tisdale - Auburn Sports Network

Once again, here’s Brad Law with a synopsis of the radio broadcast and thoughts from the booth as well!


“An hour before we go on the air, four hours before kick-off, our crew meets in the scholarship terrace of Auburn Arena to have a little pre-game meal and (sometimes) run through the plan for the tailgate show. This past Saturday, Jason Campbell sat down and within a few minutes the subject of the 2004 LSU game came up. I remembered that the status of that game was in the air for a few days as Hurricane Ivan made its path through the state. I remembered that College Game Day cancelled plans to originate from Auburn that week. I even remembered that campus was closed for a couple of days that week. What I didn’t know, however, was just how hampered the game preparations were for the team that week. This was an Auburn team hoping to turn a corner against the defending BCS champions, and Jason recounted that the first pass he threw all week was – get this – on game day during warm-ups.

Because campus was closed, the team spent most of the week living out of an Auburn hotel and holding walk-through practices in the hotel lobby and meeting rooms. There was no hard hitting, there were no passes or tackles. The team prepared for the hardest hitting game of the season without the benefit of a “real” practice. Imagine how convincingly Auburn would have won that game if they’d been able to truly prepare!

The 2007 team was recognized on the field, and we had a few of the guys on the Tiger Tailgate Show. Zach Clayton showed off his 2010 national championship ring, Brandon Cox talked about his busy summer – he got married and is expecting a son in January – and Antonio Coleman reflected on the late Quinten Groves. Jerraud Powers visited with Rod after Tiger Walk ended. It was awesome to hear the enthusiasm all of those guys still have when they talk about Auburn, and it was equally awesome to see the respect and adulation the Auburn Family still has for them.

As for the game… what’s not to like? Let’s get something straight – Mississippi State is better than Missouri. Auburn is getting better week by week, and that spells trouble for future opponents on the schedule. You are seeing the offense starting to really find a rhythm. Auburn threw on first down, threw long on third down, threw long from six inches away from its own goal line, and made explosive play after explosive play. I especially liked Auburn using the deep ball to put a game totally out of reach for a second straight week. That’s a killer instinct and an aggressive mentality that the Tigers will need every week in the SEC. Now, let’s go get Ole Miss!


War Eagle!