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Link sAUsage: Stranger Things

October 30, 2017

NCAA Football: Auburn at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back on a game week rotation now, after Auburn survived the fierce opponent known as “Bye”, and moved up a few spots in each poll after the win.

The Tigers now sit at #15 in the Coaches’ Poll and #16 in the AP Poll, with a chance to move up this week if they can take care of business in College Station.

Before we get to some news and notes from around the web, I started watching season two of Stranger Things last night, and I couldn’t shake the association that Paul Reiser’s character looks remarkably like Bruce Pearl.

Also, some actor named Cameron Newton plays a teenager on Halloween. Very Auburn-centric start to the season.

Okay, now on to business.

Through 8 games, Auburn is 6-2, and apparently one of Ivan Maisel’s six teams that still control their own destiny for the playoff. If Auburn wins out, they’d have three top five wins in the last four weeks of the season, so the road is there, however bumpy it may be. How can Auburn do that? Continuing to excel in these areas would be a start.

I’m also sure that we’re just cooking something up to use Jalen Harris in some capacity against either Georgia or Alabama.

One thing that Gus has done a good job of is using the bye week to full advantage. He’s been blemish-less with a week off.

And it looks like this one was no different in terms of getting the energy and enthusiasm back up to 100% on the Plains.

Seriously, this game shapes up in two ways. Like 2014, where a sub-par A&M team comes out and hits us in the mouth, or like 2015, where we go in and dominate a team that doesn’t really have its quarterback situation settled in their house.

We’re favored by two touchdowns, so please let it be the latter.

Until later, War Eagle.